America 1776-2020

killed by the GOP.
they admitted what trump did was impeachable but dont care
we no longer have a legitimate government


your idea of America may be dying. but not America

Absolutely LOVE IT! Great title and op! Best I’ve seen in years!



Again? Dammit, I hate it when the GOP kills America!

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It’s almost as bad as when the Libs do it, amirite?

Thank God we are coming up on The Most Important Election Of Anybody’s Lifetime In The Entire Multiverse so we can fix that…


America is greater than it has ever been in the past. Donald Trump single-handedly saved America after Obama and the Democrats tried their hardest to turn us into a backwater socialist hellhole. Thank God for Donald Trump. I would have no problem with removing term limits for him given the way Democrats and the Lame Stream Media have treated him the last three years.

Good point, voters are going to decide this one. :wink:

the ninny left wants their politician swamp back in control

(well, back in total control)

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Sorry but libs killed her…and Trump is defibrillator that’s revived America.


Prepare a better case next time.

And funny, coming from the party of secession and Civil War.

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Only took seven posts…

OP got just what he wanted…now he can go on about his daily business.

That’s it. When the community agitator was prez and they controlled both houses they thought they would rule with an iron fist from then on.

American voters had other ideas. :+1::grin:


so did one cherubic real estate guy

Good point.

America has crapped bigger than Donald. It will survive.

Now, the GOP and conservatism? On life support suffering from Stage IV Trumpism. Time will tell if they are able to recover.


Didn’t you forget about abolishing elections and the presidency just passes from one Trump to another?

See, there you go again…you are on record here saying you voted trump because you hoped he would burn it all down! Now he’s a defibrillator wielding doctor?

So you voted for an east coast pro choice lying liberal who explodes the debt, grabs some ■■■■■ and cheats on his wife because he’s good for america?


And yet he’s still better then any lib out there.


Nope. Not even close. The constitutional process was followed.

Link to a GOP senator or GOP representative with a direct quote that Trump committed an impeachable offense but they don’t care. There are plenty that said it was innappropriate but didn’t rise to high crimes and misdemeanors

Again, constituion was followed as laid out. We still have a legitimate government.