Amber Guyger's Pinterest account


This is interesting. I thought I would make a separate thread so it wouldn’t get lost in the other thread.

Immediately after Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean, she tried to erase herself from the internet. She scrubbed her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. She forgot her Pinterest account.
The Dallas Observer found it and published some of it.
One ironic quote from it:

No one ever thanks me for having the patience to not kill them.


Eh, whatever.

You can find dark humor things like that on pretty much most people’s stuff.

My wife who is about as harmless as a fly has posted many memes on her facebook over the years about how much effort it takes not to go on stabbing spree at work and such.

The phrase you quoted was written with a minion image and is a pretty commonly shared one over the years.


Is your wife a cop who recently shot someone?