Amber Guyger goes on trial

Former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger goes on trial within a week for the murder of Botham Jean.
On Sep.6, 2018, Guyger shot and killed Jean. She says she mistook Jeans apartment for her own, thought Jean was an intruder and shot him.
Her attorneys tried to move the trial from Dallas and the judge denied it.

I still think there is more to this story but perhaps thats just my cynical nature. Based on what I have read but suspect she had a different motive.

Here’s hoping a cop finally answers for their crime.

I think its bizarre they just let her go home for a few days after the shooting. Anyone not with a badge would have been arrested on the spot. I’ll let the trial sort out the rest. Scary stuff, just sitting in your apartment and in walks someone that shoots you to death.


Before anyone goes on attack, let me say that this is just my humble opinion.
I think her defense team will do two things:

  1. Present police offers as some type of hero who should be held in a higher regard than any other profession, and holding her accountable would be disrespecting police and other first responders.
  2. Smear Botham Jean and make him appear to be a dope smoking thug who “lunged” at Guyger while “reaching for his waistband”. She “feared for her life” and had no choice but to shoot.

Keep in mind that there is likely no video and Jean is not here to tell his side of the story. All the jury will have is what Guyger has to say.

She’ll would draw hard time, probably for manslaughter, if the judge gives the jury that option.
They won’t get a murder conviction. I think that was an overreach for political purposes. It could blow up in their face.

It wasn’t manslaughter, though.

She did not claim that she accidentally pulled the trigger - she’s already stated that she intentionally shot him because she thought he was a burglar in her house.

You should maybe look up the definition of manslaughter. There is more than involuntary manslaughter.


Maybe you should look up the definition of murder.

Here’s what the Texas Penal Code has to say about it:


(b) A person commits an offense if he:
(1) intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual;


(a) A person commits an offense if he recklessly causes the death of an individual.

Did Amber Guyger intend to pull the trigger, or did she recklessly pull the trigger?

Well, there’s the mic drop…

If she thought she was defending herself, and that belief of self defense was not reasonable, then she recklessly pulled the trigger. It could be manslaughter even if the pulling of the trigger was intentional.

If Amber Guyger had gone into the right (her own) apartment, and accidentally fired a shot through her ceiling that killed Jean while practicing quick-draws in front of the mirror, that would be manslaughter.

If she thought she was defending herself, and the jury found that belief was not reasonable, she committed murder.

She could be charged with manslaughter - she could be charged with trespassing, too.

But the crime she committed was murder.

Texas jury instructions do not include allowances for claims of “imperfect self defense”.

I have noticed that every time someone innocent gets shot by the police they are alwsys “reaching for their waistband”. Pure ■■■■■■■■ and said as an attempt to get out.

I will take your word on this. I certainly am not going to go to a law library to argue or confirm.

I was on Beale Street in Memphis one night and saw a guy punch a drunk guy that grabbed his wife’s butt. The police saw what happened and immediately grabbed the guy who threw the punch and threw him to the ground. The guy didn’t put up a fight and rolled over on his belly and put his hands behind his back. The police were yelling “stop reaching”!! “show me your hands!” “stop resisting!” We’re all watching like “dude, he’s not resisting and he’s fully complying”. Just put the cuffs on him and get him up off the ground. And people wonder why a large segment of our population don’t like or respect law enforcement.

I don’t think anyone is claiming that in this case. If they are, I haven’t heard it.

You are right, they are not I was making a broader comment.