Amazon HQ2 Burn Book Tracked NY D Comments Before Abandoning Project

Here is a tangible and recent testimony to the business destroying policies of the NY progressive D.

Amazon was secretly keeping score of which politicians were actively opposing their HQ2 project and after the opposition became overwhelming, they backed out.

“After much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters for Amazon in Long Island City, Queens,” the letter from Amazon said. “A number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project we and many others envisioned in Long Island City.”

Amazon’s plans included the promise to create approximately 25,000 new jobs in New York City, and both Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo touted long-term tax revenue increases in support of the move. Critics pointed to what New York City and State were giving up in the process: $3 billion in tax breaks and circumvention of the land-use process.

These are the same policies that the D Presidential hopefuls are running on.

NOT good.


Yes…once again cities must be slaves to big companies just because they are “the job creators”.

Do you guys never get tired of thinking of human beings as nothing but interchangeable cogs?


Better to make tax payers slaves to policies that destroy investment?

Keep in mind…the negotiation was concluded and then local politicians stabbed Amazon in the back at every opportunity.

It was a foolhardy act by a handful of local egomaniacs that drove them away.


Cuomo and DeBlasio made a back room deal without any consideration or input from the local politicians.

Once the deal was made public, the local politicians and Union leaders started asking questions and Amazon didn’t like questions so they pulled out.

The funny thing is that Amazon is going to expand in NYC… just not a huge tax free HQ.

Amazon is in nyc and has created a ton of jobs without tax incentives. There is large distribution center in ny that was recently opened

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The Amazon kerfuffle also happened when Google was investing a billion dollars to expand in Manhattan… and they weren’t getting a huge back room sweatheart deal.

Been hashed out. Repeatedly.

@Jezcoe provided the only answer you should need.

He lives there…but by all means, do go on and tell someone who lives there and followed the developments religiously that you know better than he.

Please do that.

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We can all see that a fraction of the jobs is just fine since Cuomo and Deblasio did not include the loudmouths enough during the process.

Problem is that the Presidential D candidates are all promoting the same economic policies on a larger scale. Those candidates include, ironically enough, Deblasio. Just imagine the fun and economic downturn when the details of the college debt and health care promises come to meet reality. It is difficult to envision anything more patently unfair to those who actually paid tuition and loans for tuition than to have their taxes pay off those who did not.

NY had the prize after competing with 20 other metropolitan areas and settled for the same consolation award that most every other of the 20 HQ2 candidates also received.

I suppose the shame is on Amazon for not seeing this coming a mile away and needing a Bern book at all.


When it has been proven that one is wrong over and over… maybe the correct course is to actually have some introspection that one’s opinion of what happened and the fallout of it is wrong.

Like I said…They should have seen this LONG before they gave up.

You got me there.


Just remember while you rail agains the business destroying proclivities of New York Democrats, our esteemed host railed against the deal that would have brought Amazon to New York, because of the amount New York was giving away to Amazon.

Our esteemed host commented on how it was odd to find himself favoring the same possible as Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez though he insisted her position rested on fallacious reasoning.

I wonder if Amazon has kept records of all the things Sean Hannity said in opposition to this deal.

Amazon is in no way entitled to a sweatheart tax deal in an already recently over developed section of Queens without any questioning from local leadership.

This has been hashed out over and over.

The part of Queens where they were planning on building has seen the construction of what would amount to the downtown of a mid sized city anywhere else in the country. It went from almost all the buildings being 3 to 5 stories to 40 story buildings in the space of a about 6 years.

Amazon balked at being questioned.

That is not a good corporate partner to have in your town.

How many times have I heard that investors deserve the money they get because they take all the risk.?

Government is not obligated to protect that investment, government is there to represent their constituents, not to protect the interests of outside investors. By putting the (perceived) good of the people above the good of the company, politicians have done nothing wrong. (They might have done something stupid, which their constitutatints (not the company) will address at the next election. Government has no obligation to protect investments.

The investors take all the profits in exchange for taking all the risk. Protecting outside investors risks over the well being of constituants is the opposite of what an elected representative should be doing.

I agree with this with respect to risk and government incentives.

This is also why I am so opposed to the D candidates that want to wipe out student loans and private health insurance.