Amazon buy MGM and all their IP

Good for Jeff buying MGM and all they owned including ALL tv shows and ALL. Outtakes from said TV shows. Amazon will be good to watch.

Only the stuff from the eighties forward, they sold all the old classics a while ago.

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There’s some great content on Amazon Prime. This will be a great addition. I’ll be able to see all the bond films in one place.


That’s the kicker. The pre-80’s stuff was their golden age.

No doubt about it! :+1:t2:

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Oh that’s a bummer

Yeah it is. I was getting psyched when I heard about the purchase on the radio this morning , but then they dropped the bombshell.

And I understand that they haven’t got the bond movies either

I won’t be surprised if there is a freak fire at the mgm archives this holiday weekend.

Amazon has done absolutely nothing for movies and they are just buying IPs.


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Sorry lost me.


MGM owns UAMG (United Artists Media Group, you may have heard of them as United Artists before a name change). I believe they own “The Apprentice” series featuring you-know-who**.


Well I am not watching repeats of that as I didn’t watch it first time around.

I believe, could be wrong, but Hwyflyer was noting that Bezo’s now owns all the outtakes from the Trump** shows which could prove embarrassing to Trump** if there is anything on them. Stuff said “off camera” but the camera was still rolling.

Just my impression.


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Oh ok. Yes sorry hadn’t made the connection. Pretty sure a few out takes are the least of his worries at the moment.

That depends. :rofl:

Accept for “ Never Say Never Again”. No big loss though.

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I’m okay with this. One of 2 bond films I didn’t like. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was the other.

Wasn’t a fan of the remake of casino Royal royale either. My favorite is still Dr No

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