Amazing bill to end all shutdowns

I love this bill! It would prevent congress from being paid during any government shut down. And the best part? They do not get any back pay either. Seeing who votes for or against this will expose the greed of congress. That is if Mitch allows a vote at all. I’m not convinced that he will. We shall see.

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If Mitch can’t get his cheese, no one can. I would wager he won’t let this one go through.

This is exactly what I suggested in a post from about a week or two ago. Congress would be the first to not get paid and they will get no retro pay either. All others working through the shutdown would receive retro pay because this isn’t their fault.

From thread “End the shutdown and fix the problems”

That bill will never pass, mitch wouldn’t even bring it up as it would castrate his power.

This is a good bill, but I personally responded to Senator Toomey that he and his fellow Republicans need to get on the horn to Senator McConnell, telling him to let the bipartisan bills that would end THIS shutdown get to the floor, and then this would be looked upon as more than just a PR move.

Do you agree?

I don’t think Mitch is going to mind if he doesn’t get paid for a few months. He’s the person that is refusing to have a vote on any of the bipartisan bills that would end the shutdown.

Probably correct. But wouldn’t it be great if Mitch had the decency to do it?


Mitch is a political bitch boy. He cant get elected the same way trump was.

Kentucky had the opportunity to primary him and they did not. What a shame.

Yeah they did, wonder why they didnt.

They should pass a bill that if the shutdown goes longer than 30 days, everyone inCongress and the President has to resign. New elections for all positions.

This is a good law…right up there with term limits.


Actually the only bill that will end shutdowns is one that requires an agency to actually shut down when appropriations expire.

Doors close, turn out the lights. Every single employee is furloughed with no pay (and that means retro pay after appropriations pass). No more of this everyone being classified as “essential” if it hurts a little bit ■■■■■■■■ and that most are required to work with delayed pay even though bills are due now.

Don’t fund DOD? Ships at sea return to port, military is sent home or to the barracks.

Don’t fund the IRS? Everyone is sent home. Period - no tax collections, not considering auditors as “essential” to process returns.

Don’t fund DHS? CBP, ICE? Go home no pay. Shutdown the entry points and lock the gates as there will be no staff to man them. Shutdown the airports and sent TSA and the Air Traffic controllers home (after landing any airborne aircraft, no new takeoffs).
As long as shutdowns don’t hurt the politicians (from the left and the right) will continue to use federal employees and the people they serve as hostages instead of allowing policy to pass or fail on it’s own merits.


Not all politicians are rich when they get elected to office for heaven’s sake. But they are all filthy rich by the time they leave. Many newly elected congressmen would be stung badly by this. So what would be the downside to withholding their pay?

I would jus like to see it up for a vote. That way the selfishness and greed of your politicians can be fully exposed.

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In your opinion. So you pretty much don’t care. Then let the bill go forward then. What’s the harm? It’s not like our politicians are so over worked they can’t put this up for a vote.

What a surprise…:roll_eyes:

The way you end all shutdowns is you actually have one.

Aside from the President and Congress, no federal employees can work. None of them. Not air traffic controllers, FBI, Border Patrol, ICE, NSA, Military, nothing. Everyone and everything is furloughed until the asshats pass a bill.

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