Although not likely to be disqualified, 14.3 challenge likely to be allowed to proceed against Marjorie Taylor Greene + joining military is like throwing your life away

Case name is MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE, Plaintiff, v. MR. BRAD RAFFENSPERGER, in his official capacity as Georgia Secretary of State, et al., Defendants.

The order linked to above is to permit certain parties to intervene in the case, not a merits disposition. However, Judge Amy Totenberg’s language there and in open court clearly indicates that she disagrees with the ruling and disposition in the Madison Cawthorn case and is likely to allow the proceedings in Georgia against Marjorie Taylor Greene to continue.

There is about zero chance that Georgia will disqualify MTG.

However, Plaintiffs at the State level (intervenors at the Federal level) will likely get their chance to depose MTG under oath and under penalty of perjury and to question her in open proceedings under oath and under penalty of perjury.

Even if she is not disqualified, just getting her on camera and under oath to answer for her actions on January 6th will be a major victory.

And now for something completely different.

MTG believes joining the military is like throwing your life away.

Just keep flapping your lips MTG, hopefully you will get the iron boot in the primary.

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Amy Totenberg appointed by Obama. And yes, that does make a difference in whether anything she does will be upheld in appeal. It’s not for nothing that most Democrats wanted to pack the Supreme court.


And the Judge in the Madison Cawthorne case was appointed by President Trump.

So there we are.


And what was the context in which that though was stated? Eh, Safiel?

Does the following article put the thought in context?


Today’s Democrat Party Leadership is infested with Socialist Revolutionaries, the same kind that took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist!


Doesn’t matter what the thought was.

The statement was out of line.

She could make her point without taking a giant ■■■■ on the military.

But the context in which the thought was expressed does matter, at least to those who are not intellectually dishonest. :roll_eyes:


What makes a Supreme Court opinion legitimate is when it is in harmony with the text of our Constitution and its documented legislative intent which gives context to its text.


without reading it, if this challenge is the same as cawthornes, its trash. if your going to try to disqualify based on a federal issue, its not a state case.

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If leftists didn’t spin and were not twisting reality with every breath, the devil would go back to it’s hole.

…and this name appears again…when it’s an R…and involved in questionable activity?

Right out of the gate…lol

AOC getting an iron boot would really benefit the country!

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You are a very confused person.

The ■■■■ you mention was not on our military. It was on our current Commander in Chief whose policies are destroying the United States from within ___ importing, by the millions, the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled, and criminal populations of other countries into the United States; allowing deadly drugs to flood across our border; inflating our currency to a degree its purchasing power is drastically falling and prices are increasing to unbearable levels for America’s families; shutting down, by needles regulations, our country’s ability to produce cheap fuel and be energy independent; and all this is in addition to the Revolutionary Democrat Party Leadership which is sexually grooming and propagandizing innocent and vulnerable grade school children.

Surely such acts are reason to believe our current Commander in Chief is worthy of that “giant ■■■■” you mention.


Our socialist revolutionaries are known for accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

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It was not out of line.

People could read after you and quote that for truth. Half truths can be called lies.

Like the people who quote what Joe Biden says “it’s Putin’s recession.” That is a lie. It’s Biden’s recession. Putin wouldn’t even be in Ukraine if not for weak Joey.


And there it is folks, if it wasn’t for Joe Biden Putin wouldn’t be in Russia.



You feeling proud? LOL

Everything is Biden’s fault. Everything.

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Obvious Right Wing gum flapping.

It was my flapping typo.


Nothing is Biden’s fault. The President was responsible for every Covid death up until January 20, 2021. Thereafter it was all on the governors.


That’s nonsense, of course. It would be great if we could actually find real solutions to problems instead of blaming everything on one party or the other. Partisan politics is poison.

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