Alternative to a Border Wall

This may sound far-fetched and simplistic but why only a wall on the southern border, why not a deep trench in certain areas, e.g. 30 ft wide and 30 ft deep. This gap would also have a small fence on both sides outfitted with concealed sensors and cameras to catch anyone from trying to bridge the gap. The fences would also serve to prevent people and animals from falling in. This wide empty chasm would be just as effective, faster to complete, and cost a lot less. Any potential problems can be easily worked out. Would be smugglers and others can’t use explosives to punch a hole in it like you could with a wall. Of course where there’s a will there’s a way; but it would be extremely difficult. Attempts to use ladders or other means could be detected in plenty of time to stop them.

So, a moat?

It would take an engineer to address this properly and I’m not one.
Wouldn’t the inner sides of the trench have to be buttressed to keep them from collapsing? Wouldn’t that cost twice as much as a single wall on the surface?

The excavation alone would cost more than a trump wall.

If a wall is to be effective they’d have to set it underground anyway, otherwise people could easily tunnel under it. But I don’t know about 30 feet.

I’ve got an alternative.
How about getting rid of the incentives that cause people to come here illegally?
No wall or moat required.


I’ve been preaching that for years.

Unfortunately it hasn’t had any real discussion throughout this latest shutdown debacle.

Lets open the government now and debate on how to reduce the incentives for them to come when hostages aren’t being held. Nobody serious wants illegal immigration.


Except for many liberals. They think they should be welcomed with open arems and border patrol should be disolved.

Calling for the abolition of ICE is a far stretch from getting rid of border patrol.

We’ve been down this road to many times. It’s always let’s do what I want and we will do the rest later. Then there’s we’ll give you what you want and we’ll fund it later. Well later never comes.
We know that we are not dealing with honest people in DC. They will lie to you and never do what they promised to do. The border problem should have been solved in the 80’s. But it wasn’t so it came around again in the 90’s. They lied again about solving the problem. Now we are over 30 years down the road and the problem is still here. Maybe this time if we force them to do something they will finally get something done.
Debate get us no where. All they will do is scream and holler and not solve a thing. It’s time for them to do the hard stuff and come up with a solution. Neither side is going to get all they want but this is an issue that can be solved and until they are forced to solve it all their going to do is talk.
And there are no hostages being held. These are people who work for the government and now they are laid off. Happens to people all the time. Maybe instead of whining they should be calling on the senate and house to get together and work out a deal.

And how about actually deporting people that are in the country illegally as well?

Over 1/2 million have been deported from 2015-2017.

(actually went down in 2017)

Works for me.
Might not work for farmers or poultry plant owners, but I’m all for it.

To add:
How about we get rid of the reason why they came here and stay here?
No wall or moat required.

A moat with Alligators.

Id take a sombrero wearperson who crawled through a thousand miles of desert to follow their dreams of a better life over Red Hat Fat Smug Donald every day of the week

Just as many conservatives think the only way they should be let in is in chains before being put up on the selling block.

I mean as long as were going with way over the top crazy rhetoric here.