Alright Now Things Are Really Getting Silly should lead you to a USA Today article about a furor over a necklace.

That’s right, a necklace.

Seems Colombian pop star Shakira has used a symbol that was a part not of pre Colombian artistry to promote her latest world tour, and some in Germany are protesting saying it resembles symbols linked to Nazis.

Looking at the necklace, to me it resembles the original swastika used by Hinduists, which is turned in a direction not the same as the Nazi swastika. Her promoters even explained the link to pre Colombian artistry, yet, due to the furor, have had to pull the item and issue the apology.

When to you guys does artists’ freedom to express and promote themselves go over the line? Should they feel free to use whatever symbols, imagery, sayings to promote themselves? Or should they have to cater to various sensitivities? Discuss.

I want editing. I meant to say part “of” pre Colombian artistry, not part “not”.:exploding_head:

I have never even looked at Shakira’s neck, not once.


I’ve been to Colombia and Shakira would be considered one of the ugly ones. :sunglasses:

She’s so fine I’d forgive her it was Hitler’s personal necklace.


Silly libs. Their real problem is she isn’t ugly.

So they have to find something else to shame her.

It was Germany dude.

Still left-wing fascist that libs in American want to emulate.

Exactly. This is less about “PC libs run amok” and more about Germany’s understandable twitchiness about anything that might evoke the Third Reich.

Silly, even for you.

Yeah, bu… but … Shakira!

Well, she does wiggle her hips quite nicely.

Libs want to control what is art, what to think and what is sociable acceptable.

So spare me the BS.

Didn’t pay attention before posting, eh?

You’re up to your nipples in your own BS with that stupid comment, which is why I called you out on it.

You got a problem with that?

No, It’s a free copuntry…until you libs gain power again.

But doesn’t change what I said now did it?

Who woulda thunk that Germans of all people might possibly have been offended by something that looks like a Nazi symbol?

No. It remains stupid.

They’re just dirty lib fascist libs, just like in America.


Chalk this up to another thing that Nazi’s ruined.