Alpha Bank hoax made up by Hillary camp. FBI lied about origins

As we all know now the Alpha bank hoax was made up by a computer scientist working for Hillary.
And that Hillary knew she bought the lies when she posted about fake Trump connections to Russia.
That’s a horrible act by Hillary, but it was made 1000 times worse when the FBI started lying and pretending that information came from the DOJ not from Hillary.

“We knew that Hillary was behind the fake Russia-collusion story. Last week her Campaign Manager, Robby Mook, said under oath that Hillary gave the approval to push the Alfa Bank story that they all knew was garbage.”

“Yesterday it was reported in the courtroom by John Durham’s team that the FBI knowingly passed along the faulty information from the Hillary campaign to fellow workers claiming it was from the DOJ while hiding the fact that it came from the Hillary gang.”


The Alfa bank story was already given to the NYT independent of the Clinton Campaign by researchers not associated with anyone named in the Sussmann trial starting around August 2016.

The story that the Clinton campaign made up the data and Hillary Clinton herself ordered it to be leaked is wrong.

Mook testified that she was informed that they passed it off to the press… didn’t matter they already had it… and she agreed with that decision.


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So you’re suggesting that the data wasn’t given to the nyt by the same people who were working with joffe/sussman/clinton campaign??

People working for the clinton campaign/sussman/joffe made it up and the peddled it back to her and…

Why even argue about it?? You want them to get away with it.

Have at it.


The information was given to the NYT
Independent of the Clinton campaign . You can read about it here in this New Yorker article from 2018.

Nope. Joffe was approached by the researchers with the data. He didn’t find nor did he “manufacture” it. Even Durham doesn’t claim that he did.

CNN reported it differently than yourself. They say that a group of Hillary campaign officials met and decided to pass on this smear to the media. It was then presented to Hillary who agreed that was a good thing to do. “Later” this information was passed on to Slate.

Perhaps you could provide your source that the accusation had already been spread to the reporter?


There’s no level of moral scumbaggery that Hillary Clinton won’t sink to for power, but then that applies to all Lib politicians today.


It’s all in the article.

They made the decision and Clinton agreed with it.

This is the thing.

The NYT already had the data. They had been sitting on the story for a month.

And it doesn’t matter anyway… leaking ■■■■ to the press isn’t illegal.

:rofl::+1:t4: Stick to the story!


Oh, and congratulations to the FBI on being able to keep it out of the media for so long that The Hillary campaign was involved in this. We were repeatedly presented with unsubstantiated claims in the NYTs and WashPo that “officials and former officials with familiarity with the matter” that Trump was being investigated for this or that, but they really were good at keeping Hillary or the Democrats out of the media when it came to this or the dossier.
Mueller even stated he didn’t know anything about the dossier. How the heck could his team be reviewing the Russia hoax and yet know nothing about the dossier?


Nice way of saying “gaslight”


Not technically… :rofl:

Also Mook testified that he had no idea who Sussmann was during the 2016 campaign.

So… there is that little bit of info when it comes to Sussmann lying.

You can claim “independent of the clinton campaign” if you like, but you better tell joffe/sussman/clinton.

According to an interview with the New Yorker, the independent researchers who uncovered the Alfa Bank/Trump link decided to hand over what they found to Eric Lichtblau, a reporter at the New York Times, in August 2020. A month later Sussmann brought data suggesting this connection to a friend who was working at the FBI. Sussmann claims it was provided to him by Rodney Joffe, a tech executive and data scientist who was his client at the time.


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Sadly no one in corrupt FBI is going to be charged for using their department as a political weapon against their enemies.

James Comey belongs in prison…and so many others.


You really missed the point…question is was it intentionally or out of being programed. Inquiring minds want to know.

Yes. They handed the info over to the NYT.

Joffe who got the info from the researchers gave it to Sussmann who took it to the FBI.

Sussmann giving the FBI the heads up resulted in the FBI asking the NYT to kill the story.

The Clinton campaign independently gave the info a month later to Slate.

On none of that is there any indication that the Clinton campaign made up the data. They got the data and gave it to the press as something to look into.

That is not illegal.

It is politics.

Missed the point?

The point is that the Gateway Pundit is not reflecting reality.

Whatever you need to do to convince yourself is alright with me.

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