Almost half off all Americans are obese

and 1 in 10 are severely overweight.

I believe it. If you don’t just visit a Walmart and look around.


Too much processed meals, not enough actual food.

Too much face stuffing of all kinds of foods.

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More sedentary lifestyles as well.

My job isn’t physical at all but I make it a point to jog to my destinations around the place just to get that extra bit of exercise.


My wife and I eat a modified paleo diet. We avoid processed foods.

We both are at the same weight and shape when we got married.

Processed foods will do it to you.


Good idea.

Were you 300 lbs each when you married? :wink:

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We have all the renewable energy we need if people get on some hampster wheels

10 - 15 minutes of light anaerobic exercise over a cup of Mornin’ Joe goes a long way too. For me, anyway. Can’t do the ol’ Super Saiyan style workouts anymore. lol

Yep. I wonder if we are the fattest country in the world. I bet we are.

I think Mexico actually beat us in that recently.

Sometimes, it’s good to be number 2. :rofl:

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Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m lucky to have genetics, not a lot of obesity in my family and I stay pretty thin.

No idea how some get so heavy.

Stress and long hours doesn’t help

I was overweight for most of my adult life.
I was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 years ago. I’m 5’ 9" and weighed about 230.
The diabetes diet plus exercise got me down to 139. That was too skinny. I’ve been at 160 for the last couple of years. That’s about right.


Question to the audience: would you prefer people with obesity pay a higher insurance premium than people of a healthy weight?

Some data from your fellow Americans:

Fat people should pay higher insurance rates. So should smokers and I am a smoker.

~170’ish was always my natural plateau when I was eating right and getting my irons on. Nowadays I normally struggle to stay under 200, but I’ve been maintaining about 190 for a few good months now.

Any time I exercise now I make sure to get a good amount of ab/oblique crunches in. It has been the difference between being stuck where I fall for a few hours and being able to worm my way to bed when my discs slip.

What is light anaerobic exercise? I think of anaerobic as wind sprints, Tabatas, heavy weights, HIITs. None of which is consider light.

Unless…hmm, you mentioned morning coffee…are you, er, counting your morning coffee poop as exercise? And this is keeping you thin? If so, I want in. Teach me.

I have a Total Gym (the Chuck Norris pulley machine. It’s quite fun to use, actually), some old dumbbells, and an ab roller (not the wheeled kind, the C shaped frame).

My arms and legs have shape and decent enough density, but I’m not chiseled.

I have no idea what a morning poop is. That sounds like routine bowel movements. lol

The obese will outlive the lean when the food runs out.

You heard it here first.

Sounds like a euphemism for “I’m well-marbled.”