Allegations of widespread harassment and immigration fraud at trump’s golf club

ah ok well if credible evidence of that ever turns up then what could anyone say.

Plenty…that’s why you have defense lawyers

only in the ones where there is no credible evidence of the accusations

Uh huh…

Lol lol lol

It’s not the veracity of the claim that’s important, it’s the seriousness of the allegations. :laughing:

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Would any of you guys know by chance what a general manager at a golf club does?

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Remember that time when the President was in a semi legit real estate deal over a decade before his term in office and that got investigated for his entire presidency?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.


And yet it was perfectly ok that Starr had free reign and was able to go as long as he wanted…yet now…

that wasnt based on a fake ass dossier paid for by the opposing political opponent as an excuse to spy on the other

by any means necessary though huh?

dont worry you ll prob get your impeachment. it’s all your leaders have been screeching and threatening since everyone was smashing out storefronts ant blocking ambulances in nov 16


You don’t think that this wouldn’t have surfaced if there wasn’t a Special Council?

The President’s past business dealings and practices became issue #1 the second he won.

Trump winning the Presidency is the worst thing to ever happen to Trump.

Now he is accountable.

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the investigation was started based on the dossier vis a vis collusion which has been shown now to be bs.

so they go after 10 year tax problems of other people, so that everyone can think this was always about “business dealings”

sure worked, obviously

Don’t forget Hillary knew about it before the FBI did. The FBI only suspected Russian involvement at the time the DNC was hacked and emails wound up on wikileaks. Hillary not only knew Russia was behind it, but that they did it specifically to help Trump. Six months BEFORE it even occurred to the FBI to investigate collusion. Coincidence?

Also keep in mind she was not serving in any capacity where she would have been privy to inside information of the investigation being conducted by the FBI at the time.

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At the time I posted, which was 7 PM on Christmas day, everything which was said was true. He visited the troops on the 26th, and I said in a follow up post that it was a good thing. The article I linked to gave an update.

What’s your point?

Dude. It would have been investigated by someone somewhere.

ProPublica and WNYC are doing a deep investigative dive on Trump’s business dealings.

Remember the Hot Second that Trump tried to put the Presidential Seal at his private golf courses?

That wasn’t Meuller that found that out.

So even if you refuse to accept the legitimacy of the Special Council, it would take an act of Supreme willful ignorance to think that something like what is happening at his NJ golf course would remain a secret.

Trump ■■■■■■ himself by winning the Presidency.


Yeah… I am going to need some info to back up that claim.

I hate hair balls.

A states attorney general is investigating a sitting presidents golf course for state law violations and you wonder why it is news.

Are you new to politics?


ThinkingMan, are you okay with Donald Trump or his businesses committing federal crimes?

Why? So you can blow it off again just like the last time I posted it? :roll_eyes: