Allegations of widespread harassment and immigration fraud at trump’s golf club

Remember that illegal immigrant maid who was employed by fat donald’s private golf club, who stated that there were plenty more where she came from? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Trump family is bottomless trash.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. They should raid every property he owns simultaneously, just like they did to Walmart.

dear trump supporters. You were lied too by a scam artist.

what does this have to do with Trump’s son Barron, and wife?

accusations, allegations…

nothing proven

jumping to conclusions again?

Trump’s little kid has nothing to do with this, but his mother has repeatedly gone out her way to show she is a trashy, deplorable human being too.

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Another leftist anti-Trump hair ball coughed up by the MSM! :roll_eyes:

I didn’t realize the New Jersey attorney general and a bunch of maids were part of the “main stream media.” Or is it simply that any news perceived as negative towards Trump should be dismissed?


why is this news?

Barron gets a pass, but the mail order, gold digging, photo op wife does not. Trash.

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That’s like the D level Trump Family. Donnie barely knows them. We’re talking the favorites.

She was on the daily…its all proven…She was an illegal Trump brought on to wash his sheets.
you got played…I love it.

A business:

  1. Knows workers have fake social security and green cards, hires them and even provides transportation since they can’t get drivers licenses.
  2. Physically and verbally assaults the workers, threatening them with deportation.

Yep. Nothing newsworthy there.


and then if you go and compare this to his speeches…Its like a tasty cake of proving his supporters will eat anything he shovels into their mouths.

nope. there isnt. except that the AG is anti-Trump

all the rest is allegations

and of course that is considered fact

all allegations

I don’t think you understand what “fact” means. The next time an American business decides to willingly emply illegal immigrants, I’ll remember its a non-story to you.

Why is this in politics?

Trivial Pursuits or Bust!

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ok. well insult me all you want

all these claims are mere allegations, from two employees. one of whom isnt even working there anymore