Alive From New York -- 4D live ultrasound shows in Times Square

On Saturday, Focus on the Family hosted what has been billed the largest pro-life rally in Times Square.

Media spin called it a protest (WaPost, NYPost, etc.) or “ground zero for late term abortion fight” (Wash Examiner), but it was, in truth, a celebration of life.

It even included a live, 4D ultrasound broadcast on giant screens. (The media giants wouldn’t allow the images to be broadcast on the Times Square billboards, so Focus has their own shipped in.)

Speakers included actual abortion survivors, politicians, sports figures and others.

Yup. It IS a living human being in there!

And if the woman doesn’t want it inhabiting her body she has every right to have it removed even if this results in its death.

I saw the coolest thing the other day about advances in artificial wombs being done with lambs. Obviously the technology isn’t there yet, but sooner or later we’re going to bring the age of viability down low enough where women will be able to transfer the baby to a machine and abortions won’t be necessary in a lot of cases. The timeframe they’re working with right now is bringing viability up to something like 90% outside the womb at 22 weeks (equivalent human incubation age). Amazing progress!

That will be great, I think that’s the only way that abortion will ever be stopped.

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Yes, it was a celebration of LIFE.

"On May 4th 2019, a near perfect 70 degree afternoon, in the middle of Times Square, in New York City, from three sound stages blasting thousands of decibels into the surrounding neighborhoods, the final speaker of the day said that, “Soon… Abortion will become… unthinkable!”

The statement came after a 90 minute program that had been slated as a “public celebration of life.”

Even the pro-abortion rights protesters who showed up were silenced by the images of the live ultrasound.

Yesterday in NYC I saw this.

And then I was offered a free joint.

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Honestly, the that movement has been moving rapidly. Pot use isn’t a big deal, but 20 years ago the idea that it would be legal was a pipe dream.

… so to speak. :slight_smile: