Ali Charaf Damache, first terrorist suspect brought to the United States under Trump, takes a plea bargain, will serve 15 years

Ali Charaf Damache, age 53, an Algerian born Irish Citizen, will serve 15 years after pleading guilty to terrorism charges. He is notable as being the first terrorism suspect brought to the United States under Trump.

Under his plea agreement, he has waived appeals. He will be deported to Ireland or Algeria when he completes his sentence.

Formal sentencing will occur on October 30.

Glad to see the prosecution of terrorists through the American judicial system is still working as it should. I remember having quite a few exchanges on these boards back in the day with people who were AGHAST at the idea of giving terrorists formal trials on American soil. It worked back then and it works now.

Though trump said terrorists should go to gitmo

Good to see.

Looks like somebody slipped something by the Whitehouse.

Again, it is a classical case of Trump’s rhetoric not matching his actions, though in this case, his actions are clearly preferable to his previous rhetoric.

Cooler heads realize that the Military Commissions are a pathetic failure and that justice can be achieved ONLY before the Article III Courts.

You mean the lies he told his fanboys.

Makes no difference how you phrase it.

I think it does.

ALL politicians emit diarrhea for their fanboy and fangirls to absorb.

Trump ain’t exactly the first.

Its the fanboys and fangirls of both parties who refuse to question their politicians that are the problem.

The Trump’s of the world will always exist.

Trump is a liar. If his mouth is moving he is lying. He lies about everything and he lies about his lies.

There is no equating Trump’s lying ways to what any other politician does in either party.

I am not, nor have I ever denied such a thing. In fact, I was the one pointing his nature out during the primaries.

But ALL politicians do lie, to a greater or lesser extent, and their zombie supporters eat it up.

Democrats circled the wagons for Bill Clinton, when he was spewing B.S. He may have only been spewing it 50% to 60% of the time, compared to Trump’s 100%, but he was spewing all the same and his supporters circled the wagon.

I on the other hand, stuck a finger down my throat and cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, who, herself is a piece of ****, but relatively lesser piece of ****, perhaps 70% to 80% **** compared to Trump’s 100%.

I was not happy about having to do so, but I don’t regret it.

What is pathetic is had the Democrats nominated literally ANYBODY ELSE except Clinton, Trump would not be President now.

I will be active in 2020 trying to dislodge Trump.

I will give them somewhat of a pass, because the quality of the Article III Courts in combating terrorism had not yet been demonstrated.

It has been demonstrated now, so their is no excuse to oppose trials in the Article III Courts.

Your very statements are normalizing Trump’s pathological lying.

This is not normal. This isn’t even close to normal.

It’s normal now!

Get used to it lib.