Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have been mistaken on we only have 12 years

Histrionics touted as science.

Is that the witty come back phrase of the week? I’m seeing that from you a lot lately.

I would love to see the paper that supports this.

As stated before, the ratio of atmospheric Carbon 13/ Carbon 12 has increased five fold in the past 150 years. The ratio was pretty stable until humans started to take old carbon out of the ground and started to burn it.

None of this is a big mystery.

As for your problem with the language… that is how scientific papers are written. Sorry if that bugs you.

It’s not a comeback.

It is the only rational reaction to a complete rejection of reality.

You want to see a study of the studies? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, in other words, a come back. :roll_eyes:

Whatever you need.

I just ask for evidence.

Here is some of response:

There is more…

Is that next week’s phrase of the week?

For what? That climate studies have been done?

There is a monumental literature out there and probably hundreds of scientists working on problems that in one way or another impinge upon the nature of global warming. It is really impossible for any of us to keep up or have to have access to all this work. It is pointless to ask one of us, or any of us, to provide “evidence” to back up one assertion or another, or to support or refute some study of one kind or another. I do not believe you (in the plural) when you claim to do so. Nor do I trust myself. When you link a research article and then ask for comment, you prove nothing. You don’t even prove that you understand it yourself.

Sure, I like debating the ideas back and forth as much as anybody, but if you demand some kind of refutation or support for scientific research for which you or anybody else have no demonstrable background to evaluate, you’re in the wrong place. Like I’ve said before, the office a geologist or paleobotanist is more likely where you belong.


It’s the death of expertise.

The same dumb thing that makes people anti vaxxer.

Overwhelmingly by people with an agenda and who fabricate and manipulate data.

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Living proof of Jezco’s thesis. The death of expertise. Thank you WildRose for a perfect demonstration.

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Look the evidence is overwhelming that much of the data used to come up with all these dire predictions is manipulated and fabricated and data that doesn’t fit is rejected.

No… not really.

So, anyway, what makes you an expert? No, I don’t think you are.

And so I thought. No rebuttal.