Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Socialist ousted next Speaker of House Rep. Joe Crowley in New York's 14th congressional district

I think the evolution of the Democrat Party into a coastal party, East and West coastal states without the rest of the UNION, is well under way.

Rather than a Blue Wave, the progressive agenda will be massively rejected and a Republican Supermajority may very well appear.

When the DNC permitted Bernie Sanders run against Hillary, to legitimize her as a candidate, they opened Pandora’s box.

They did not expect Bernie to do as well as he did, he would have won if it weren’t rigged against him.

Now the ripples of the Bernie Stone tossed into the DNC lake keep eroding DNC beaches.

They party has unleashed a force it cannot contain, that is consuming the establishment crooks running the show. While that is great for progressives its also great for Trumpists.

We will have a real choice in elections soon, and I believe we will see in real time just how tiny the left fringe is, social media and Hollywood notwithstanding.

Like blow fish, Progressivism’s size is an illusion, most of American loves freedom, secure borders, less crime, lower taxes and regulations, an ISIS that is defeated etc.

The leftist agenda opposing all that, simply is not popular outside of the fringes of society, contrary to what Twitter and (etc) project.

If this were a republican you would be lauding this as a blow to the “establishment” and another example of the will of the people to drain the swamp.

But it’s not. And your response is typical, lazy, partisan nonsense.

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Its deranged, nothing to be lauded at all.

But I am happy Cortez beat the establishment candidate. Deranged leftists are honest, they say what they want.

Not like the establishment swamp creatures on the take, they lie about themselves. Pretend to be “moderates” when they run, and then vote radical left (if Kstreet globalists give permission).

So they are liars, betraying progressives just as much as they do those who voted for them.

Good riddance. I want an honest Democrat Party, one that really says what it will do, just as Trump has done.

Its time the establishment DemoRepublican KStreet Chamber of Commerce Business Round Table George Soros etc party, be extinguished.

I will dance on its grave.

This is why the D will not work on immigration law.

They want open borders and the candidates they bring. Pelosi will not retire and may end up suffering a similar political fate.

The R’s definition of “working” on immigration law is showing the Ds a bill and telling them to vote yes.

At least the R have not gone nuclear like the D did with health care.

Tell us what the D will accept…less than open borders.

I have heard no proposals.

Dems didn’t do anything more legislatively unusual than Republicans did on health care.

I think there are a couple takeaways from this that I’ve only seen mentioned on a few sites

  1. In a district where there are about 215,000 registered democrat voters, fewer than 28,000 actually voted. I’ve seen places where it’s blamed on June primaries, don’t know how far that is responsible for such low voter turnout.
  2. Career politician complacency - This should make those 30+ year, entrenched politicians nervous. O-C had a few really well done ads, and did a lot of door-to-door - she simply outworked her opponent and I think he let his incumbency and name recognition take his re-election for granted.
  3. The leftward lurch of the outer fringe of the democrat party - the question is, how far will it seep into their core - I think that might also spell unplanned retirement for a lot of the more entrenched, long-term democrats.

The open border fantasy is the biggest lie that Trump and his supporters are spreading. And since there is no basis in fact, it is getting to sound pretty silly. The Democrats have voted for ever reasonable border security measure to date. More people were deported under Obama then any previous president. Border crossings are at a forty year low. And many thousands have left the US and gone back home. What the democrats are against is tens of billions of dollars for a wall that will not make a significant difference. Democrats have worked with Republicans with a focus on more attention to the 40% of illegal immigrants that get here via other forms of transportation and overstay their visas. Democrats have supported the hiring of more border control agents. And mostly, Democrats have worked with Republicans on various plans to increase and expand the use of technology to deter border crossings. The problem remains that multiple proposals never make it to the floors of congress for consideration.

If Crowley was smart and truly cared about his country he’d get in the race 3rd party, and not let an admitted socialist take a seat in his district.

He’s just another dimocrat coward though.

He lost by 15 points. Who the hell is going to give him money to run as a 3rd party candidate?

Lots of people.

Who would give money to a socialist? Better yet, why would a socialist even need money?

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Think of the border barrier as part of the sustainable solution to trafficking humans and narcotics.

There should be far more consensus. Your post is a step forward.

E-Verify and devastating penalties for human trafficking are good proposals.

Border crossing fee to pay for added security measures. User fee’s are just and politically friendly. Make it part of EZ Pass, but with vehicle searches.

I hear few NEW ideas.

Crowley isn’t smart and the district demographics may have already spoken.

I equate what he did to what got Eric Cantor. Although Crowley spent a ton of money he stayed in DC and would not do a debate. Like Cantor he was spending more time getting ready to be Speaker then his base liked.

Lots of people did. Your second question is stupid, but you know that.

It’s not going to be rejected. The right’s last stand is now, and I’m happy that your party is so arrogant it does not sense its impending doom.

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