Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Capitol Hill staff and interns need "living wage"


She can if she wants to. I’m thinking once the reality of how many people she has to pay and how much it costs to run her new office, she will realize it’s not so easy. Following the general rule, 75% of her budget is going to be taken up by payroll and benefits.


Nobody knows.



She doesn’t need more money, she can decrease her staff if she wants to pay them more. Each member gets the same amount for personnel. If she can’t pay her staff on $ 1.2M I don.t know what to tell you.


You are free to give as much to the US Treasury to support this agenda as you wish. My bet is you don’t voluntarily write them a check for more than you are obligated to.


Not sure why you’re discussing this with me, I only came in here to point out that she was making a point that all staff should be paid a living wage.


But, apparently she didn’t specifically argue directly…or something.


and she is free to pay her staff whatever she wants. No one is stopping her.

I’m not sure why I am discussing it with you either. You obviously do not want a discussion, just to drop one liner ‘I’ll show her’ posts and then leave.

Next time I will just ignore your responses and you can feel as though you won some argument you weren’t even a part of. :sunglasses:


Funny I didn’t edit that post above yet the edit icon is there. :neutral_face:


You kept asking where Cortez said interns should be paid, I pointed it out to you.

Why must I discuss other things now that I’ve already done my own part?


Yup - it’s a total patronage organization. And they work 60-80 hour weeks and are on call all the time so “get another job” isn’t realistic.

So you wind up with mostly rich kids with connections staffing the hill in both parties.


Better watch it there RT, you’re repeating one of the things the dummy Ocasio said there.

She made one tweet on the subject and someone then wrote an article about it. For ■■■■■ sake, if this is all you need to go off on such a rant then like I said, you and your little Oscario-Cortez derangement syndrome buddies can have a ball.

Unlike you though, she is saying that if congress thinks themselves worthy of a good wage then they should raise the MRA so that their staff can have a better wage without slashing their benefits as another ■■■■ you to them.

Your assumptions about all of her knowledge and position on this from one tweet is ridiculous, borderline pathetic.


Talk about derangement syndrome.


First, why don’t you answer why you and others are in here mocking her for speaking up for congressional staffers that she found have to work second jobs just to pay their bills and make a living?

Seriously? Why are you all mocking and attacking her for that?


It’s mind boggling how the trump nationalists deconstruct every single sentence from this young lady but at the same time, silently nodding their heads at every single lie coming out of Cheeto Benito’s mouth.


What’s wrong with only rich kids getting these positions? It keeps the children of posters here away from federal government.


How did I mock her?


That’s not how the economy works though. Certain types of labor and or skills are valued more than others. For example a person who can accurately throw a 100 mph fastball is valued much more than the person who makes the ball.


Your first post in here, you sure seemed to be agreeing with Safiel’s mocking of her and you clearly called her speaking up for these workers ■■■■■■■

So if you don’t consider that mocking her then we have very different ideas about what mocking someone is.


This young lady is going to be Hillary’s replacement with trump supporters and Fox News.