Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Capitol Hill staff and interns need "living wage"

The allowance given to Congressmen has been in effect for some time now during administrations dominated by Republicans and Democrats alike.

It has actually gone up the past couple of years. It’s gone from the $1.4M and is now at $1.25M. I don’t have a problem with the electorate complaining about the cost of Congressional members expenses. It forces them the realize they don;t have a blank check in which to perform their duties.

She herself can pay her staff more is she chooses or she can herself cut down on staff. That is totally in her hands. She doesn’t need to have the MRA raised by Congress to do either of those things, but it will make a convenient excuse for her when she doesn’t actually do any of those things.

You are making statements about what Ocasio-Cortez supposedly said. I’m just asking you to show where she made those remarks.

If she’s not talking about"capitol hill staff and interns," then what is she talking about – according to you?

Whatever makes you happy RT… I’m all for whatever actually gets Congress functioning again in any way, shape or form.

Y’all just seem to be getting your panties bunched up over nothing here. Why so many people think it’s cool that so many Americans have to work two jobs or more sometimes just to pay their bills is beyond me.

But republicans have been figuratively ■■■■■■■■ on labor in this country since Reagan took office so I guess your all stuck in your ways now.

Oh, I see. You’re changing what you said now. So we are going to pretend you said “capitol hill staff and interns,” when you said no such thing.

Well, now that I know you’re playing by those rules it will make things so much easier.

What in the world are you going on about? Perhaps you can solve the mystery for us. What is the OP about?

Nope. Where did I say she made a statement? It shouldn’t be hard to find.

RT, In the post at the start of that conversation between you and ref this post clearly says “we are only talking about interns on the hill”. Nothing is being pretended here.

Here’s the thing. She is not fully understanding how this works. She runs her mouth and shows she doesn’t know how it works.

Congress does not need to raise the MRA in order for her or anyone else to raise their salaries. She also needs to understand there is a reason for say in the case of interns, why so many are unpaid. It is more of a for the experience job as opposed to a making a living job. There are unpaid interns in every aspect of society and business. It’s not unique to the fed gov. There are people lining up for those jobs knowing they are unpaid and they do it for a reason. It looks fabuous on their resume’ for one thing and the whole experience is something they are looking for.

As for staffers pay, that is the highest percentage of what the MRA is covering. That takes up approx 75% of their allowance. They have the option to pay more by decreasing staff or benefits, or decresing other categories of spending but some of that is what it is and in the scheme of things they spend very little on those items. It’s mostly personnel. You can argue whether they need all that staff but that is a whole different argument.


You said she was arguing ‘that all interns should be paid’.

I asked where she made that statement.

She NEVER said any such thing.

lol - She knows that. :rofl: It’s hilarious to me that you are assuming she doesn’t. And you can repeat it a million different ways to hell and back and I will still that that you’re wrong so waste your time as you see fit.

And yes, she knows about internships too. In college she was an intern in the immigration office for Ted Kennedy, so she has an idea about how internships work.

Look, you get back to your little bash Oscario thread with your repub buddies. I’m tired and don’t really care how you all waste your time.


That’s just it. The OP did not indicate we were talking JUST about interns on the hill, nor JUST about interns.

It was about her wanting the staff and interns to be paid more and blaming that debacle on the Republicans.

I highlighted the portion of the article that mentioned more Republicans than Dems paid their interns to show she needs to focus her ire on more than just the Republicans if she is going to complain about salaries for staffers. They are all complicit in that one.

The only one who was trying to bring anything other than interns on the hill into the discussion was ref when she made the implication I was trying to catch her in argument I never made.

Is this one of those supposed “gotcha” moments where you go on to say that she doesn’t say “all interns everywhere” even though we are only talking about interns on the hill? Wow, that was so clever.

She was the one saying I was going to try to make that claim when that is not what happened at all.

Glad to see you chose not to address any of the information in that post.

She’s going to be a great source of entertainment.

So all of your ranting is about not including the word “staff?” Okay, then.

So you are going with your claim she made an argument for something but not going to show where she did so in order to back that claim up?

I’m not surprised.

Your posts aren’t making any sense at all.

I don’t know why you are having such a hard time understanding that I am asking you to show where Ocasio made this statement you attribute to her.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

I can’t remember another freshman lawmaker that had Republican media and partisan republicans so worked up. Anyone have a name?

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In their hearts they know Hilary is going away. Sure they might continue to make threads that she is running again. But their hearts are not in it as it used to be. The last couple of Hilary is running threads lacked the passion. :(. This freshmen is a new boogie woman to rage about, like a new toy.

Can’t you read the first quote posted in the OP?