Alantic Canada faced with a uncommon issue.. their jails are empty!

an uncommon issue is hitting the east coast of Canada, their jail are empty! and now the local government are scrambling to deal with large empty prisons.

Last Thursday, the hallways of the Prince Edward Island Youth Centre were quiet. Nearly all the 16 beds sat untouched.

Just one person was confined to the brick walls of the correctional centre, which sits on a pristine lawn just down the road from the hockey rink in Summerside.

The building, with its pale green roof and looming concrete fences, costs $2.86 million a year to run.

Turn it into hotels/air BNB

They have to start actually arresting people in Letterkenny.

If Canada has made a positive impact on the problem this institution was meant to house, then…my compliments.

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Great! When will you kind Canadians start housing some of our overcrowded detention facility families as a gesture of goodwill to all of those people fleeing persecution from their own countries?You could process them into Canadian society as quickly as you want. We’ll even pay for the transportation to get them there!
Eagerly awaiting your invitation…

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Rent them to us, we need the space. How much?

We just need to drop marijuana prohibition and we won’t have space issues.