Alabama Senate primary - Tuberville and Sessions going to a runoff, Roy Moore kicked to the curb in a major way

||Republican|Tommy Tuberville|224,103|33.4|
||Republican|Jeff Sessions|211,882|31.6|
||Republican|Bradley Byrne|169,129|25.2|
||Republican|Roy Moore|46,507|6.9|
||Republican|Arnold Mooney|6,836|1.0|
||Republican|Ruth Page Nelson|6,589|1.0|
||Republican|Stanley Adair|6,188|0.9|
|Total votes||100.0%|

Sorry for the bad formatting, but it is readable so I will just leave it that way.

Tommy Tuberville, an ardent Trumpist and Trump endorsed, took the plurality in the Alabama Senate primary and will face Jeff Sessions in a runoff.

But the most important result was that Alabaman’s kicked Roy Moore decisively to the curb, with Moore receiving a pathetic 6.9% of the vote.

Tuberville is considered the favorite against Sessions for the runoff.

But with Moore gone, it is pretty much certain Republicans will reclaim this Senate seat in November.

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Moore needs to fade away. He’s little more than a distraction now. Damaged goods (whether damaged rightly or wrongly). Irreparable.

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Bye Moore. Don’t need or want a pedophile in the Senate.

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Agreed, this is a No-Kid-Sniffers arena and it should stay that way!


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Roy is a turd and Jeff is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I don’t know much about Tuberville…?