Alabama Senate passes total abortion ban, punishing providers with up to 99


So they give the provider 99 years … Hmm so the rapist will get off with a lighter sentence. Why are the Republicans hell bent on abortion?


It’s absolutely a strategy to rile up the base. They need something going in to 2020 and this is one of the issues that energizes the base more than anything.


The race to the bottom continues. Though why anyone would want to live in that third world ■■■■■■■■ state I’ll never know.


I’ve been there. There’s some pretty good BBQ in Birmingham.


According to the UN, Alabama is lower than most third-world countries. They even have open sewers.


Interesting post i read elsewere:

Just so everyone knows, this bill is written the way it is because they fully expect this outcome to be challenged and are actually hoping this makes it to the SCOTUS to force a new federal ruling in place of Roe v. Wade. Now that we are a few years into this administration and courts are sufficiently packed, they are making this move.

These “legislators” openly admitted in the course of this hearing that they know basically nothing about abortion, how it works, or why it is good or bad for society at large or for the people of Alabama. This is 100% about politics and they intend for this to be bigger than Alabama.

We should all feel bad for the women of Alabama right now. Just know that this is not something to be sad about and then forget. They want this to be the law for everyone everywhere. We have to trust the courts to be better than the state legislature of Alabama. Right now things are looking pretty dicey. Maybe this will finally be the thing that gets us to stand up and quit taking it from these ■■■■■■■■ who are now openly admitting that they are not trying to do what is best for us.


This bill is equal parts horrifying and disgusting. Supporters should be ashamed.

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Lacking any inclusion of cases of rape or incest is regressive beyond all belief.

It is true… it looks like they want to go back to the Dark Ages and strip women of all body autonomy.

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I have no difficulty saying that if you support this bill you are a horrible person.



Terrible. Absolutely terrible.


By the way - my calendar reminded me to donate to Susan Collin’s challenger. If roe v Wade is overturned, it will be on her shoulders.


But kavanaugh told her RvW was settled law.


Oh that race has already been won by pro choice liberals who went so low as to condone infanticide.

No exemptions for rape & incest and 99 years for providers is harsh but not as harsh as a dead baby. Pro choice liberals only have themselves to blame for pushing the abortion issue to the inhumane limits of what a civil society will tolerate!


What in the entire depths of Hades… Wow… Keep your religion out of women’s private parts

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No one condoned infanticide. You have been lied to.

Right wing media is destroying our country.


You’re incorrect and your argument is baseless. I can go on record saying that I don’t support a 12 year old rape victim being forced by the government to take a baby to term. Can you?


It’s important for younger voters to be reminded.
This is still the same authoritarian party.


Because men raping women is part of their culture?



Hey…it’s Alabama…they are proud of that kind of reputation…apparently.