Alabama mayor keeping it classy

I don’t hate gay people, but I think they should all be killed…

And thus the excusing begins.

Its like they think the word “but” excuses their behavior

If that is erecting a straw man, why did you do so by bringing up leftist in general while the topic was this forum and its conservative members specifically?

At least we can play with our straw men together.

“With the measure you judge, it will be measured to you.” Jesus, The Messiah.

"You who condemn others and do the same things condemn yourselves. " The Holy Spirit through Paul of Tarsus.

He also called the Pharisees a brood of vipers.

And Paul and the other apostles called out evil behavior when he saw it too…before you come back with “Well Jesus was God”.

Indeed. Call it out where you see it. But just be aware that your recognition of things done by others being evil, confirms that you know that those same behaviours done by you are likewise evil, and your mercilessness towards them for their wrongs leaves you without mercy before God for the same wrongs.

Mercy is shown when repentance happens.

The only thing the mayor apologized for was for his mistake of thinking he was posting a private message.

God’s mercy is there for all…if there is actual repentance.

I have a question for you…why do all your cute little christian sayings about forgiveness ONLY apply to righties who say something or do something violent or immoral?

I know I saw one but I forget who it was.

What he said was that these people unconstitutionally moving social mores without the expressed consent of society will keep going from bad to worse unless stopped by something, and only death will stop them. Nothing else will. That’s a reasonable observation. It doesn’t say “and we should do or must do the killing”. Maybe he thought God will. Or the diseases they are exposing themselves to will. The statement was open-ended as to who or what would kill the problem off. But victim-mongers saw it as an opportunity to remove a conservative blockage to their progress towards total authoritarian control - by any means necessary.

What sin is the mayor supposed to repent from here, if he was simply making the assessment that only death would stop these people from pursuing their destructive course. They are that obsessed with validating and normalising their abnormal lifestyles. He didn’t say anything like "We must initiate a programme to kill them off. "

That is blatantly untrue. He posted, and I quote “the only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out, there’s no way to fix it.” He then clarified the statement by saying there would need to be a revolution and that people on both sides of these people would be killed out. Not death in general, not diseases and his clarification means it is no longer open-ended.

He said nothing about people unconstitutionally moving social mores.

And one mayor in a podunk town is not a blockage to anything.

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He’s a barrier to some leftist who wants his position of more power that that leftist presently has.

I don’t understand your complaint. On another thread about a pastor calling for the execution of gays you are busy defending him. You don’t need to be so coy here. We see you.

Amusing that i had quoted this pastor in a other thread amd the posts were deleted because no one on the right would ever say such things…

I’m not sure which is more surprising. The open and honest bigotry? Or the defense of that bigotry.


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I have a right to be a bigot.

No. I’m pro freedom of speech and pro due process where people are convicted of wrong-doing based on evidence. When someone posts a commentary on a link which is not corroborated by the link, I think it is fair to point out that the evidence presented thus far is insufficient to draw the stated conclusion.

This approach is seen as stupid and evil by most of the left, when the accused is centre or right, because centre and right are automatically wrong to most of the left. Leftism must be imposed “whatever it takes”. However, when the accused is leftist, due process is demanded but the investigations that are the next step in the due process are obstructed as much as so that sentencing is never reached. How many people in the investigation into Hillary’s servergate were given amnesty for instance. And Smollett was given a pass.

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