Alabama mayor keeping it classy

When you say “the only solution is to kill all LGTBQs”, it is an objectively bad thing to say.

You talk about the libs being all about “victimization” while at the same time trying to make the mayor who said this thing the victim of this tale.

If you can’t see how ridiculous that is…there is no helping you.

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Dems hate problem solvers.

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LOL. Where did I say that. Victim-merchants posting in this thread are confusing making an observation with incitement. There are islands which have been nesting sites for birds for centuries before rats and mice escaped from visiting ships onto them. The birds never had to deal with predators. Albatrosses brooding on eggs will not leave their position on the nest, and are attacked at night by mice and rats that climb on their back and eat their way into the live bird until it dies. One could make the rational observation that the only solution to the problem is to kill them off. That’s just making an observation. That doesn’t mean I am calling for them to be killed off, nor that I am volunteering to kill them off.

Someone who thinks mice and rats are equal to humans and birds may be offended by that observation. Does their offendedness mean I am not entitled to even make the observation? Now, they may be killed off by eventually eating all the birds and each other so that the albatrosses can again safely use the island for nesting. Or they may be killed off by some disease or some bird-friendly predator of rodents, or human conservationists. But until they are killed off, it seems like the problem will remain.

When you have to write 10,000 words to avoid condemning an objectively bad statement…something no one here but you had a problem doing, btw…you are either trolling all of us or deep deep DEEP in rationalization mode.

That is all.

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Why does one need to condemn an objectively bad statement that the author in making it called it “bad”? And why should we all condemn the person making an observation that they admitted was unsavoury, even to them.

I’ll tell you why. Because he’s not a Leftist and is in a position of power that leftists want to have for themselves. So, as a way of vacating the seat and making it available to a Leftist, it is strategically advantageous to use the observation to demonise the encumbent.

If he was a Democrat saying the same thing in relation to Trump’s agenda and those helping to advance that, the quote would not have been found or noticed by the left, but ignored or buried or justified, because then it would have been said with good progressive intentions in mind. Look at how the left responded to the shooting of the Republican reps baseball team.

OK, I’ll bite. Show me quotes from people on this forum that justified the shooting of the Republican representatives baseball time.

Responses from the left to the shooting of Republican baseballers -

Liberal Nate Bayna stated, “Guess they should’ve been golfing with Trump or working on a bill to get guns away from the crazed.”

Another liberal said, “Thomas Hess It’s awful but one of first thoughts was that I hope this shooter isn’t a person of color or a non-Christian. Just another white Christian terrorist. They’re not as bad.”

“Well, well what have we here? The gun loving, gun pushing republicans got a taste of their own medicine? Let’s see what the NRA has to say,” liberal Ian Barnett said.

If the shooting incident wasn’t bad enough, another liberal stated that it was too bad that it wasn’t President Trump who was shot.

How the Democrat-supporting hierarchy of the FBI responded -

That is not what was requested and is an apples to oranges comparison. You were specifically asked for examples from forum members justifying like we see here in this thread.

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And I specifically said “the Left”, not “Leftist posters here”. I don’t have to justify the straw men you erect in my name.

Those aren’t justifications. Can you do better?

Here’s how the left responded! finds random people on the internet I present to you “the left”.

I said the mayor was a nut. Did you miss that one or just turn a blind eye?

I guess I did miss it. Thank you for that

You are welcome.

So excusing his comments on killing gays because he’s a Republican and the Left is picking on him…boo hoo


Those are from this forum?

I don’t think I have excused his comments. He himself said they were bad to say. “It’s bad to say, but…”

I have excused him for expressing them, based on the fact that his intentions do not seem to me to have been to incite violence, but to make an observation, speculating on the kind of events that could, as things stand, realistically be effective in ending the crimping by sexual libertines of more and more of society’s moral fabric. I didn’t excuse him "because he’s a Republican, nor “because the left is picking on him”.

I did point out motives and the hypocrisy from the left in using this comment to attempt to demonise and impeach him to make room for a Leftist to take his place, but having nothing to say about Leftists who say the same type of things and worse.

I’m not Racist, but.

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“I have excused him…” that says it all.

:rofl: Good one!