Alabama GOP Candidate Rich Hobson Is Raffling Off An AR-15 & Says "Every Family" Should Own One

He was Roy Moore’s campaign manager. Here’s part of what he said…

“I believe that it is right and proper for every family in the country to own an AR-15 Defense Rifle.”

He can win using that platform.

Nice looking gun!

And? ten characters

The person winning the raffle will be required to undergo a background check before receiving the weapon. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with this raffle.

I have no feelings either way in regards to the candidate himself. Don’t know much about him and I don’t judge candidates on single issues.

I do when the issue is stupidity.

Over the top rhetoric from a candidate that is extremely unlikely to win against an incumbent Republican. Candidates, left and right, Republican and Democrat do it all the time to appeal to their base, knowing they can never actually enact such a thing.

In any event, much ado about a candidate who likely won’t win.

I agree. It’s kinda stupid, don’t you think?

Kinda stupid, perhaps.

But no more stupid then some of the stuff extremists on the other side have spouted.

No doubt…

Good for him. Gun raffles have always been a great fundraising mechanism especially for schools, hospitals, fire departments and charitable organizations and he’s right, every family should have at least one (assuming they are legally eligible and don’t have seriously mentally disturbed person in residence).

The whole concept of “The Militia” in the contest of our founding is that every man should be capable and willing to defend himself, his family, his community, state, and nation.

I agree with that statement. (I do think this man has questionable judgement on other matters, as Moore’s campaign manager).

A local politician did the same thing two or three years ago (I was in the raffle, but didn’t win). The thing is, the rifle will only be given to somebody who passes the NICS check. I don’t see what the problem is.

The problem is that it is a rifle.

Do you remember when some banks used to give people a gun for opening up a new account?

Blackplasticscarygun at that.

What’s he got against shotguns?

I’d get more use out of a toaster oven.

Too liberal. Your aim doesn’t need to be as precise because buckshot “spreads the wealth.”

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What do you have against Armalite Rifles?

I burst out laughing at the thread title, is he trying to injure the left?