Alabama bill would allow tax refunds to fund border wall

“It would allow residents to check a box on their state income tax form and donate to Build The Wall Inc., a nonprofit started by veteran and amputee Brian Kolfage.”

Anybody remember this guy? He’s the triple amputee who, somehow, convinced a state that doesn’t have a land border with Mexico, to give money to his latest wall fund. I do remember that his GoFundMe was ended due to concerns on where the money would go.

Hopefully…Alabama is only the first state to offer this option for the tax payer to have some input as to how their tax revenue generated would be spent. Sweet home Alabama…

Um…that’s not what a tax refund is…

Hmmmmmmmm…I don’t see that word anywhere in my post.

Yes you did- you called tax refunds “tax revenue”.

You can’t help yourself, can you?

Tax refund. Tax revenue.
Tomato. Potato.
What difference does it make.

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I, for one, look forward to the Great Alabama Sea Wall.

Being an amateur stand up comedian in GA, this is going to give me a whole new set of jokes about AL to add to my routine.


A refund is not “tax revenue generated”. That’s why the state is giving it back.

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Pointing out when people make utterly false statements?

No…I really can’t help myself.

I thought Mexico was suppose to pay for it.

LOL. Tax returns are peoples money, not state money.

and like I have said before “there a sucker born every minute” (every 30 seconds in Alabama)


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Trump at a rally in Alabama: who’s paying for wall?

Trump supporters: we will…(delirium ensues)



It is. Revenue that was collected and now being refunded and then re-collected.

This is a good idea. Libs can do the same thing for housing and child care for illegals.

You can donate yours to the victims of mass shootings.

They will. 90% tax on giros.

Mine goes to the Allan family retirement fund.



How selfish.

This is one of the reasons I am opposed to any attempt to get people in the US to pay for it. Trump promised Mexico would pay for it. Unless he actually gets the funding from Mexico, then he and his wall can go pound sand.