Al Pacino to become a father again at 83

I personally find this wrong on so many levels.

First off I find it pathetic that a 29 year old woman sees so little of herself to be with a man who is old enough to be her grandfather. Second, what a pathetic mother who brings a child into the world whose father will not be much of a participant in their life. Third, what kind of health issues will such a child have?

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I am sure the fact he is loaded probably has a lot to do with why she is with him.


I’m sure it has everything to do with why she is with him.


Health issues? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Here’s this:

Your not saying that it’s perfectly fine for men in their 80’s to have children are you?

Well…it’s easier in this country to have kids than it is to get a credit card or adopt a puppy. Hell, it’s harder to register a bike than make a child.

Freedom’s a bitch, I guess.

Why not? Are you suggesting that older men (over what age?) should be prohibited from siring children? Many factors can increase the probability of birth defects other than age of the father … where would you stop?

I think we need to slow down here.

He just said he found it wrong. He said nothing about prohibiting anything. So there is nothing to stop because nothing started.

For the record, I find it wrong too, like Eagle Keeper, on so many levels.


The words “find it wrong” are just a hair’s breath away from “should be prohibited.”

For you, I guess.

Don’t give libs ammunition.

Calm down Al Pacino. At your age you’re liable to have your heart give out.

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Well, he’s had a good run.

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Child won’t have health issues from this. A parent can die at any time. Any parent. He has the money to provide.

I lived in NYC in the early ‘00s. As I’m trudging along in a snowstorm one night, I notice the back of this elf-like street urchin in a dark winter outfit, who’s walking in front of me for a few blocks.

I finally catch up at a light and it’s . . . Al Pacino. He’s tiny. For a second, I considered putting him in my bag and taking him home. We usually regret the things we don’t do.


So both stars from Godfather II (1974) are now expecting

“Tyler died in 1862, but he had 15 children and fathered some late in life. His living grandchildren weren’t born until the 1920s, during the Coolidge administration.”

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Yup. Seen that. Apparently all the men in that bloodline were/are notorious late bloomers.

My OP, it’s largely directed at the mother. Furthermore, I have very strong views on what’s best for a child, which is largely centered on my views of the traditional family. Here’s more on the health risks:

Like women who have children when they’re older, there are risks for men who have babies at an older age.

Your baby might have higher odds of getting a genetic disorder. As you age, you’re more likely to have gene changes, or mutations, in your sperm. If you have a baby at an older age, you have higher chances of passing on a genetic disorder.

The baby’s risk for mental health or brain disorders may be higher. A father’s older age can cause schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or autism spectrum disorder.

I actually wasn’t specifically referring to that, but more so the health risks to the child:

Absolutely. Pacino already has kids from multiple baby mamas. Now this one. The child probably won’t have his/her father there when he graduates from 8th grade. A child has the best chance of normalcy if he grows up with his father in his life.