Ain't No Smokin' Gun

Defend him? From what? The fake Russia collusion witch hunt that was put out to pasture by your hero Mueller?

Rednecks from flyover country wearing MAGA hats. How did I know that would trigger liberals?:joy:


The whole article is based on speculation and assumptions and Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation to link the Clintons directly to Uranium One.

Ah, solid CEC word “triggered”.

10 EIB Network points for you

You’re being defensive right now by calling this fake and a witch hunt.

I understand that you’re upset about the Mueller Report. Barr must have really gotten your hopes up with his summary.

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“Is our kids learning”

Proudmom, help me understand how you deal with the level of corruption exhibited by Trump in the Mueller report.


Thanks for asking… my eldest is graduating next month from UC Davis vet school (top ranked globally) at age 24, president of her class, ranked 3rd.

How about you?


That’s so awesome. Congratulations to both of you!

Zero collusion.

On obstruction? I read the bullet points. Two of them, imo, were the only ones worth any note. Millions of people wanted him to find Mueller and encouraged him to do so. It would have been a bad decision (perhaps) but those around him dissuaded him. That is not corruption. And we know see how/why firing Comey was absolutely the best decision. The guy literally testified he leaked to his professor buddy in order to trigger a special counsel.

I love how liberals turn a total blind eye to the fact that an administration weaponized the IC to spy on the opposition party during an election year. You all seem fine with that. That, somehow, is not corrupt.


Thank you Lucy.

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Right. Because the NY Times is so anti-Clinton.

Thanks Mom, I enjoyed the song. Welcome back!

Thank you Piper!

If I remember correctly, @Piper was Semisweet on the old forum. ?


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Part of the fun of these threads is seeing who has taken time to read any of the Mueller report. It’s pretty easy to tell.

Flyover Democratic Iowa.




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