Ahmaud Arbery Case

Especially when there are people on the Left threatening violence if they don’t get the verdict they want. Welcome to America’s new justice system!


We are not going to let that happen.

We are going to get a firm grip back on the law and legislature.

The D and anarchists have over stepped.

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Thanks for the link. When I first watched the video I thought the father was the one who fired the shots. How stupid was it for the son to get out of the truck with his shotgun! Do you know if his lawyer recommended taking a plea deal?

In my opinion, given the circumstances, even before the guys got out of the truck, Arbery was in a life-or-death situation. (Or, at a minimum, he was about to get beaten within an inch of his life.) He had more than a right to try. He had no other choice.


Listening to the trial while out running an errand for my wife and my opinion is he is handling the cross from the prosecution fairly well.

That said, I heard yesterday while on the road that he had “some law enforcement training” in the Coast Guard. I think in HIS mind he was justified BUT legally he was not.

The defendant was doing what he felt was protecting his neighborhood, problem is, he crossed the line when he approached the victim.

I don’t think his INTENTIONS were to hunt the victim down to find, and kill him initially. But when he grabbed his shotgun, he crossed the line from protecting to criminal actions and should be convicted. The moment he got out of the truck with his shotgun he became the aggressor and ANY claim of self-defense is now gone.


There are many videos on rittenhouse. and many witnesses.

Arbery case not so much. But from what I saw in video, the 2 guys need to go to prison. Even if their initial intention may be good.

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The facts in this case are pretty straightforward though and not disputed (as far as I know). The father and son felt they needed to catch up to Arbery because they believed he may have broke into someone’s property and ask him questions. They persisted on following him even though he had no interest in talking with them. They eventually got ahead of him and blocked his path with their truck and the idiot son got out of the truck with his shotgun. A fight ensues during which the son shoots Arbery and kills him. Just a whole lot of stupid that led up to this incident.

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The DA got him to admit that Arbery tried multiple times to run away from them. And she also got him to admit that multiple times he could have broken off the chase. I believe she painted a good picture of him wanting a confrontation.


I didn’t hear all of it, just a short 20ish minutes.
I should have made that part clear.

Bottom line is he should be found guilty.

That is patently false. When the facts came out, the right (in this Forum) was very vocal and completely, with one notable exception, on the side for prosecution and conviction of these three men.



It would appear becoming strangely quite in the presence of facts is not necessarily a “right” characteristic. :wink:


In the self defense and manslaughter. Thread.

Also in another forum I am involved in.


No. Stop telling fairy tales.

Fairy tales? Oh the stories I could tell if I could I could show you the link to my other forum.



I watched the video…on day one and concluded this was a murder…and said so…loudly. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

…and haven’t changed my tune.

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Nobody cares about your “other forum”. Stop telling fairy tales.

It’s not a fairy tale if it’s true.

And it is.


Wow you finally admitted you live in a fairy tale world…congratulations, admitting a problem is the first step in the recovery process.


Lol. If only.

I live in the cold harsh reality of having to commute to NYC 5 days a week.