Ahmaud Arbery Case


How does that follow?

They were together in this fiasco.

The fact that it did not prove any material facts one way or another means that it was not key at all.

It is very well established that Bryan was in a separate car than the McMichaels at the time of recording the video.

So you think they did not talk to each other before the cops arrived? :roll_eyes:

Maybe information changed, but my understanding was the men didn’t have access to the video. So they could not have seen it before going after Arbery. The only way they could have seen him on camera prior to chasing him was if they had access to the live feed.

Edit: I should have read a few posts farther. I was only aware of the video the day of.

The story I read today in the local newspaper (Tribune News Service) says Aubrey was seen on video entering the home several times over the preceding few months, including just minutes before the incident. My comment refers to the prior occasions.

Yeah I hadn’t absorbed that yet. If they could prove that the land owner had showed them the video feeds of the history then I’d be a bit more sympathetic.

But those videos would have to show a crime more than just walking around and getting a drink.

Whether the three ever actually saw the videos, I don’t know, but they were certainly aware of them and what they showed.

Yeah a black guy walking around checking it out. You know white kids did the same same thing on video.

An unfinished house is a magnet for the curious.


Cops would have had no problem pursuing him and would not have been convicted for murder in the same circumstance.

Also, cops should have no greater power than an average citizen.

If you are going to join in on a conversation between two people, it’s customary to talk about the same thing they are talking about. Care to start over?

Perhaps. But it is very likely that had cops stopped him to question him, he would have complied and no fatal incident would have occurred. He didn’t have any idea who these guys were or what their intensions were, so when one pops out of his truck with a shotgun, it was reasonable for him to believe they meant him harm.

The whole incident is reminiscent of another case and I am more in line with the results this time.

I disagree, just because something is blatantly obvious it doesn’t mean both sides will agree, because in a lot of ways we seem to be operating in separate realities.


Then you’ll just have to carry that particular mantle for the both of us. This was all stupid.

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Since they weren’t even charged for 2 months and only after the video was revealed I feel they felt emboldened to do whatever they wanted with impunity and without that video they most likely would have gotten away with it.

Racism is not systemic across the country but I do believe it exists in small pockets of the country and I think this case is a good example. JMO

And many did for years, along with cops.