Ahmaud Arbery Case

Thanks to the video.

That does not answer my question.

There were no facts in dispute at all. They admitted to everything, to the cops at the scene - before any of them other than Bryan knew a video existed.

The video did not, by itself, prove any disputed facts in this case.

I think that the prosecution did a good job at proving the crime without the video. Having the video was a bonus that they could use.

This was a fine statement by the father. He emphasized ALL lives matter as Sharpton watched and nodded. Actual healing…Biden can’t seem to do.

The investigators had access the the videos. They just didn’t charge anyone.

The first prosecutor is being charged with misconduct.

How many other cases did she squash?

For this case…how many others did she shield from justice?

The father is 64. A life sentence will literally mean that

His kid might get released but he will be an old, old man.


SoMeone running by in shorts and no backpack seems an unlikely burglary suspect to me.

Maybe he his his swag. But that’s just speculation.


Good for business owners to know next time left wing thugs decide to riot, loot, and try to burn things down.

New standard.

The McMichaels set a new standard for murder. They call 911 about their intended victim and have 911 on the phone as they murder the guy.

Changed my mind on this after researching it, it will be revered on appeal.

A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

If the first standard is applicable to every crime what is the purpose of the second part? In addition if the law can be interpreted two ways the judge is supposed to rule the way that benefits the defendant has to be used. The judge punted and left that decision to the jury, non lawyers instead. Brace for it down the road.

Um, what. This is all over the place.

What specific reversible error did the judge commit?

Not ruling the statute is unconstitutionally vague? Submitting an affirmative defense to the jury?


By “researching it”, you mean you read Andrew Branca’s column, and blindly accepted it as truth?

He lied. The judge didn’t punt anything. Watch the whole jury instructions.

Well that and reading the statute. Which made his argument make sense. And what’s the problem with that? I am open to more discussion and changing my mind when I find out new things. And yeah I will watch the jury instructions and if it turns out Branca is wrong, I won’t give him as much credibility going forward. My opinions aren’t set in concrete. Nor do they matter in this instance.

Bryan was one of the suspects. Therefore, all three knew the video evidence existed. So of course their story was consistent. Had it not existed, there is no telling how their story would have been spun.

I didn’t say by itself, I said it was key.