Agriculture Department suspends data collection for honeybees after Trump budget cuts

Millions for a July 4th military extravaganza, nothing for essential research and record keeping that affects all Americans. Makes sense to me.


Nobody likes bees. Why we were counting them instead of eradicating them all, I have no idea.

I have seen very few bees this summer. I am thinking of starting a bee farm. It’s not allowed in my city, but what they don’t know can’t hurt them.


So lets see.

Congress passed the budget
The Don signed it
Somehow it’s his budget and his cuts.

Don’t the D’s control the house? :smiley:

From Op’s article:

“Before deciding to suspend data collection, NASS reviewed its estimating programs against mission- and user-based criteria as well as the amount of time remaining in the fiscal year to meet its budget and program requirements while maintaining the strongest data in service to U.S. agriculture,” the office continued.

Seem’s fiscally responsible to continually analize programs compared to budget, compared to program requirments.

You have zero credibility to support Trump and then even attempt to espouse anything of “fiscal responsibility”.

I’d rather we spend the money on bee populations considering how vital they are to our food supply than an idiotic parade to stroke Trumps ego.


Please provide a link that ANY many came out of the Dept of Ag budget for the July 4th activities. Please and thank you.

Added bonus for the President’s authority to transfer ANY money from where the July 4th activities money came from to the Dept of Ag. Please and thank you.

That said, it is fiscally responsible for those running the Dept of Ag to do reviews to make sure they will stay within budget?

I would suggest that people read Micheal Lewis’s book “The Fifth Risk” which goes into the massive data collection apparatus that the Dept of Ag, Energy and Commerce actually are and how dismantling them or even worse selling off their data to private interests away from the commons is a disaster.

Still blaming Democrats? Well done, loyal Trump soldier lol.

Why is nothing ever Trump’s fault? The buck never stops there.


Did the D control house pass the spending bill or not?

Should the department have to remain within budget, and evaluate programs as the year progresses to say within budget?

Dum dum Donnie probably sold all the data and outsourced it all to the Russians as a way to repay them for helping dum dum win the election. Totally cool, Trump. Good job.

Did a R controlled senate and an R president pass the spending bill or not?

If you’re argument makes any sense, mine makes at least twice as much. What do I win?


I didnt know that the Democrats in the House were responsible for everything in the budget. Amazing logic.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to debate anything with you whenever it comes to anything related to Trump.

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The D house passed it. The R senate passed it. The R president signed it.

They are not.

But they signed off on it by passing it.

Aren’t we still in the prior Congressional budget year?

I thought budgets ran from 9-01 thru 8-31

So trying to put this on the Dem House was just a partisan politics.

116th congress began session Jan 3, 2019 (aka new dem house)
Last CR signed to fund the federal govnerment to end of budget year signed by President Trump Jan 25, 2019.

Did trump sign it or not?

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This is what happens when you put someone with an 8 yr old’s mentality in the white house.

Bees are incredibly intelligent and extremely necessary for our ecosystem. Too bad Trump only focuses on the egosystem … badum tshhh :drum: