AGAIN...Can we please remove McConnell for GOP Leadership?

I’ve asked this a few times over the years, WHY do we put up with RINO’s who vote democrat & betray us all over & over?


I’m considering sending a donation to his democratic opponenet, better an actual democrat than a RINO like him!

I’d also like to see him gone, but I do wonder: what did he do to upset you?

I said in the OP, he votes democrat & is the so-called GOP leader of the Senate.

Would you like it if Chuck Schumer voted against a gun control bill?

Is there a way in Kentucky to recall him?

McConnell did an excellent job of shepherding 261 of Trump’s judicial nominees onto Federal Courts successfully. Seems to me he has done a first class job on behalf of Republicans.


McConnell is the architect behind many of the current advantages the GOP has.

To ask for his ousting is ludicrous, he is one of the most calculated and successful political figures the GOP has.

Calling him RINO just won’t stick even if true in the ever changing definitions of what a “RINO” is.


Okay. What did he vote Dem on? I mean…aren’t they in recess?

Can you offer any specifics? Or is this really more of a primal rage thing?

McConnell votes Democrat ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is a joke right? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

McConnell being a RINO is peak Bircher.

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That"s true, but he’s shady. What’s he for?


That his wife’s family is so closely associated with Chinese shipping has always bothered me.

I am somewhat assuaged that she was born in Taiwan. Still is a little discomforting.

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Giant cargo shipments across the Pacific.

We need MORE!

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Two wings, one bird.

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