Ag. Sec. calls farmers whiners

She said the market, not prices.

Devon Nunes’ family runs a dairy in Iowa.


Yeah, the 16 billion dollar bailout is just a “joke”. It’s all fake, no problem at all because you told a story.

Anonymous internet poster with likely fake anecdotes about “dozens of farmers” vs people putting their names to their comments in my links. Hmmmmm?


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Perhaps even by the peck.

No you don’t. Just more of “only the best people” in this administration.

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I already showed you soybean prices are up this year, so is corn.

from Corn Price | Historical Charts, Forecasts, & News

Corn prices rebounded in recent weeks. On 4 October, corn traded at USD 385 cents per bushel, which was up 7.3% from the same day in August. Moreover, the price was 2.6% higher on a year-to-date basis and was up 4.7% from the same day last year.

As of July he had a 79% job approval from farmers.

I believe this; “It shows the administration doesn’t understand the fight family farmers are up against,” she said.

In my area of the country, I drive by many, many, many acres of farmland that was once cultivated by the family. Today, the kids are gone and the land is being replanted in pines. This situation of the family farm has been happening for decades and has not been addressed. One of the problems is the necessary equipment needed for daily operations. You need an expensive piece of equipment that will be used only a few days out of the year. To depreciate that expense for a small farmer, places them in the red. They can’t share the equipment because they all need it at approximately the same time. This man’s words are idiotic, unsympathetic and not helping but…this problem is decades old.


You think price is relevant when the government is pumping billions of dollars into the market… :point_up_2::rofl:

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Even allowing for time zones today is 11/10/2019.

And? Pretty sure I specified the date of the poll. If you have a newer proving he is losing farmers by all means, post it. Here is one showing they support his trade war and believe it will benefit them in the end.

from US-China trade war is hurting farmers, but they're sticking with Trump

The Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture’s latest producer survey, which was conducted last month and released Tuesday, showed a record-high 78% of farmers said they believe the trade war will ultimately benefit U.S. agriculture.

Oh brother, yes I think prices for crops are relevant to farmers.

When the Government is spending billions to keep the prices up it is now somehow good.

The Ag Sec’s comments might have made that poll no longer valid.

Are you against the government buying food for distribution to food banks and other nutrition programs? Odd position for a liberal.


But it has no relevance to the “market” that is essentially being run by the state,

Why is that funny? You know that is part of the bail out right? What do you think the government does with the food it buys from farmers?

from Trade war: Trump to OK $16 billion trade bailout for farmers

The new package also includes $1.4 billion in purchases of pork, dairy, fruit and vegetables that will be sent to schools, food banks and other food aid programs.

What is hilarious is the really vapid line of argument that you are employing.

Arguing that prices are rebounding is countered with the reality that the Government is dumping billions into the market to keep the prices from collapsing and then the come back is “Well libs like spending money”