AG Barr: Epstein killed himself

I’m no conspiracy kook, but I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical about Barr’s claims here.

Epstein had every reason to kill himself, and his associates had plenty of reason to have him murdered. It’ll never be settled.

After this statement and the upcoming IG report, I suspect Barr is going right under the bus with the MAGA crowd.

I’m not seeing anywhere that the “Maga Crowd” is invested in the conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s death.

Barr, has absolutely nothing to do with the offices of the IG’s.

His only connection is to review the reports and see if he feels charges should be brought or if further investigation is warranted.

Remember the IG has very limited ability to pursue anything and no authority to charge or even subpoena anyone.

As to the first, are you joking? It’s rampant. And I don’t even consider all of them necessarily conspiracy theories.

It’s not exactly a big leap to thinking he was murdered, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking he was. Though obviously all the extra steps on top trying to tie it into some political narrative are frequently delusional.

Barr will be blamed by the MAGA crowd if the IG declines to recommend that Strzok et al be prosected imo, unfairly or not. And it looks like that’s going to be the case:

It will be Sessions all over again at this rate. There will be a need for a scapegoat.

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I’m sure you have a clear vision of what the average Trump supporter thinks on the subject from your perch in the UK.

Barr is turning the criminal investigation over to Durham who seems to be doing a very good job of keeping his focus on building cases and keeping the leaking under control as it should be.

On what possible basis can you assert that Durham is doing a very good job? Are you privy to the investigations?

IMO…there’s more to this. There was too much on the line that would potentially have hurt so many people of power and wealth, that as the headline says…it’d have to be the “perfect storm of screw ups”? At this point…with what little I know, I’m not buying he committed suicide.

The fact we’ve had no leaks and instead of prosecuting people in the press he’s keeping a very low profile and just doing his job.

We now know that the guards who were supposed to be monitoring him physically every 30 minutes failed to make a single check during their whole 8hr shift giving him all the time in the world to work it out for himself.

They also have video from one camera that monitored the entry/exit to that wing and did not fail and no one is seen entering or leaving until his body is discovered so that pretty well eliminates murder since he had no cell mate.

I saw where the two guards are now being prosecuted for the alleged failure to do their job. Regardless…it smells. The little guys are at fault and yet…he was taken off of suicide watch, even though he attempted one just two weeks earlier…why? Why would he be given the opportunity? That decision wasn’t made by the guards. We’ll probably never know but again…IMO…there’s more to this.

The followed the protocol on the suicide watch, he just fooled them.

I know…and I’m not buying that. BTW…when will the rack of ribs be ready? :sunglasses:

Psst. It’s now on this thread.


Indeed. And it took less than 10 posts.


Durham’s probe has been as leak-ridden as any other.

Just different people doing the leaking.

Meanwhile, on social media, this meme trend has lasted longer than Epstein did in prison, and it’s not a partisan hack issue from either side. Probably will be here though.


This particular meme is obviously a partisan hack issue- not sure how it could be conceived of otherwise.

That said…“Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes have been spread by people of all political persuasions.

Partisan because Hillary was involved? OK, here, have a neutral one. You fill in the blanks. :wink:

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Having trouble with reading comprehension this morning?


Nah, but nice try pretending. :wink:

Here, have an apple:


That said…“Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes have been spread by people of all political persuasions.