After years of racial slurs and abuse Meghan and Harry "Quit"

Maybe she should have watched “Victoria” and “The Crown” before saying “I do.”

Seriously, I sympathize with them completely.

Such foolishness!

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Doesn’t mean he won’t go along. He also knows better than to act like a total jack ass to the Queen (grandmother). That hasn’t stopped from being a full out git during this. His actions show he can’t even follow protocol or even act with any decency.

I expect he will be right next to here on every red carpet out there.

The question is where in Canada will they live? I bet they will live in BC like the Posh people they are… but Ottawa is very nice.

I hear Victoria is more English than England.

The whole thing is sad…but I wish all involved the very best.


I should note if they do move to Canada they would need to get VISA and go though immigration, pay taxes, pay for their security, housing.

As the Canadian government doesnt recognize the line of secession or any noble titles outside of monarch.

So in Canada he wouldn’t be a Prince by law just a rich British immigrant

If I were them, I’d move to New Zealand. That’s almost as far away from Windsor as you can get.

He would get to keep his titles as NZ follow the British line of succession, Canada is the only core Commonwealth country that doesn’t because we hang out with America to much.

Well then, that sounds like it would be a good compromise with grandma.

Paparazzi are well and truly scum. It’s never wrong to punch them.

Canada doesn’t really have “Tabloid” press we import it from U.S / Canada.

most celebrities that live here get a lot of privacy.

Canada has pretty strict libel laws.

the main difference in the U.S you need to prove that a story malicious intent on the part of the journalist.
In Canada the journalist has to prove their story is true.

so let say some anonymous person call the journalist and say Tiger woods is cheating on is wife, in the U.S you can print that story. In Canada you would need proof that Tiger wood is in fact cheating on his wife or he can sue you.

Canadian publicly really don’t hound celebrities in public either.
Its not uncommon to see them out and about in B.C (very popular for films).

He should have thought about that before he married a Hollywood type already once divorced.

I figured it would never last from the get go.

Before anything can happen, Harry has to get his testicles back from wherever Meghan has them locked up.

He is majorly whipped. I would use another variant of that term if the ToS would allow me. :smile:

There is absolutely no doubt who gives the orders in that relationship.

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The “sock and buskin” of royalty.

They can always star in their own “reality” show.

Do you seriously think the London tabloids would not follow them to Canada?

Most of your celebrities live in the US. :wink:

I think he’s doing what’s best for his wife and child. Keep in mind, he lost his mom on some BS that was possibly cause by the British paparazzi. I bet he does not want to go down that same path with his wife and child at stake. Also, I guarantee by Harry marrying a woman of color, it did not go over well with the royal family or those who follow that type of stuff.

Racism is not exclusive to the United States. From our perspective here in the United States we don’t see what’s going on over there, but the U.K. could be having some racial issues too. Before passing away, my uncle lived in Cardiff(the Capital of Wales) for many years and I just remember the problems he had when he first moved there.

I believe this is what Harry wants. Dude is too far down the line anyway, he will never be king so I bet he doesn’t really care.

I suspect you are quite right.

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