After years of racial slurs and abuse Meghan and Harry "Quit"

Yet, there they are wanting to keep their income minus 5%.

Big sacrifice. :roll_eyes:

So removing his son from succession after him is part of Charles plan? I thought he was only talking about trimming off the extended family.

He lost on “Deal Or No Deal” because Meghan was holding the wrong case?

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They don’t actually want to leave though. They want all the fun stuff and the money but not actually have to work unless they choose to while profiting off their titles. He may have continued to receive money from the Duchy but you didn’t see him out there putting his name on bottles of gin and ankle socks making a buck. :joy:

I have read Charles said they would continue to play a role. I believe like you he was talking about the larger extended family. I think she jumped the gun and numbnuts went along. Plus she wants to make millions off her name.

They work? Doing what?

Yes, for now it seems they would keep receiving the money that comes from Harry’s father Charle’s. They only receive 5% of their income now from the public money. People with money like that don’t really sweat it though. He received a 25 million inheritance from his Mother and Meghan’s net worth is about 5 million dollars.

Whatever happens, I think the two of them will do just fine.

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Not sure if I have it all, but from what I have seen he has his mother’s inheritance and he got millions in an inheritance from the Queen Mother when she died. Also his army office salary he earned which I’m sure is in some sort of trust or savings. He gets a couple mil from the Duchy. He only gets 5% of his money from taxpayers.

They could easily live off that, but that is not the goal. They want all of that plus any dime they can make from anything else. Right now he can’t actually earn money (as in cash in on who he is).

I think Harry is about 6th in line for the throne. He was never going to be King anyway.

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Particularly when they cash in.

Which was her plan.

Harry run a charity for disabled veterans

no I think their plan is to bugger off from public life, Harry can handle it fine but Meghan seem to be having major issues with the British Press and Harry straight up hates the Media.

personal I think this decision was done to keep their marriage intact.

they all have to give their lives to that crown. if they cant then they dont belong anywhere near that castle.

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Nope, her plan is to be a celebrity with a title. Watch. They will not shy away from public life, he will embrace it as a celebrity.

You are right … I was thinking of William. But never say never. King George VI was never going to be King either.

their age group, regrettably

anything else you want to discover?

And he gets paid for that?

that might be her plan but Harry hates the concept of celebrity.

maybe like its been pointed out Harry is already independently wealthy from his mothers estate, They are likely doing this to save their marriage I don’t think being a “Princess” was everything Meghan dreamed it would be.