After years of racial slurs and abuse Meghan and Harry "Quit"

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have told the press they will be stepping down from their royal duties to forces on their private lives and to spend more time in North America, personal this is a blessing for the young family since Harry and Meghan started dating the British press has been attacking them.

Prince Harry will likely forces more time on his charity for disabled veterans.

Though I do find it odd they come to Canada for a visit during the holidays and now they wanna move here :smile:

Meghan returns to Canada as royal courtiers chart path for independence | CBC News

Personally, I find it funny. Like they can ever go to being just normal folk.

He’s tried it before.

Her served on the ground in Afghanistan. Wore a balaclava at all times and had fake dog tags if I remember correctly.

Well, they didn’t really quit. They continue to want all the money (minus the 5%) and the perks and the protection and occasionally fly private jets back to the UK to unveil a plaque or two while being able to make more money off their titles and being able to hand pick those who write their stories in the press.

Cake and eat it too.


If I didn’t have to work and had a healthy monthly stipend I would probably move to Canada too.

I could always have my political discussion fun with the USA from my Canadian cabin a couple hours from the nearest small town and right next to hunting and fishing paradise.

Smart move!


That would be sweet, however for them, it’s not that easy.

This will make very entertaining viewing in a future season of “The Crown.”

Although I cannot ******* stand Meghan Markle, the Sussex’s have been treated like **** by the British tabloids.

This move on their part is essentially a giant **** you to the British tabloids.

Those poor two. lol

Unfortunately, they will be followed to Canada. I’m sure you remember the circumstances of Diana’s death.

Poor things. They want to be financially independent? I would tell them fine, not another dime and you don’t get to merch out the crown and your titles.


the queen has put up with the press for more decades than many if not most people have been alive. yet she carries on with class.

they are millennial losers, weak of character and could learn a lot from the royal family.

I mean its not like the are both independently wealthy they don’t really need the crown money.

What on earth did Meghan Markle ever do to you? :slight_smile:

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Why not? His great great uncle David did. And he was even a Nazi collaborator.

What wealth does he have that is independent of the crown?

The queen reluctantly gave up her life for the crown in a completely different time. It would be ridiculous to expect anyone in this modern day to shut up and suffer the same.

I applaud Harry’s Father for his move and I applaud Harry for this one. I wish them all well.

Yeah I think if they cut ties she would be bringing in the real money. She’s already wealthy.

I think his passion is charity for wounded British veterans. So he would probably make that his full time gig.

It also fits in with Prince Charles’ excellent idea of streamlining the Royal Family.

What does being millennials have to do with it?

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