After years of being shot up by white supremacists, Emmett Till memorial to be replaced with bulletproof version

Just days after 3 University of Mississippi students took pictures of themselves holding guns in front of the bullet ridden memorial, a sign marking the spot where 14 year old Emmett Till’s body was pulled from the Tallahatchie River has been removed to make room for a 600lb, bulletproof replacement. For those not familiar with Till, he was tortured and murdered in the mid 50s for the crime of allegedly flirting with a white girl.

The sign originally went up in 2007 and became a favorite target for local racists. It has been repeatedly shot at and stolen. The latest vandals are currently under investigations by the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

I clicked on the link and the faces of the three guys in the photo are digitally blurred.

I wonder why?

They posted the photo on Facebook - or wherever it was. They must have wanted people to see it and know what they did.

Why blur their faces in an article giving them all the publicity they could ever want?

From what I read, it was taken and posted to “friends” back in may. Someone took a screen shot and shared it. They have been kicked out of their fraternity . . . and some are calling for a federal civil rights investigation of the 4 kids (three in the pic and one that is assumed to have taken the pic).

Univeristy (rightly so) has declined to punish the kids as it didn’t happen on university property nor a universite event.

Students generally have codes of conduct they are expected to follow. If these kids were off campus committing sexual assault or theft, would they be punished by the school? Hopefully so. Though it doesn’t surprise me proudly defacing the memorial of a butchered black kid might be seen as a rite of passage for some in the school’s leadership.

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Those poor racist life is going to be so hard on them.

They should switch school there is no way they are not going to be publicly shamed everyday over this.

I can’t even fathom the ugliness in the heart of someone who would shoot bullets at a memorial for a murdered boy.

There are a lot of terrible people on this planet.

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It’s not believed they shot the sign.

It’s definitely a special kind of evil. And not just to do it, but to sit here in 2019 and think it would be some kind of hilarious move to take a picture of you and your buddies with the aftermath?

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No, they just stood in front of it with guns for the hell of it.

The PD that has juristiction where the sign is closed their investigation. Had they believed the kids shot it, they would have been charged with vandalism, destruction of property, or a number of other charges.

As you have repeatedly tried to downplay what took place here, what do you believe should happen to these men?

Oh, ok that’s better.

White guys, posing with guns, at a shot up memorial to a black boy murdered by racists.

No big deal. They didn’t shoot.


If true, not only are they racists, they’re also posers. Racist pansy pukes, they are.


What law have they broken?

Check to see if they are restricted persons. If they are charge them. If not nothing.
Investigate to see if they shot the sign. If they did. Charge them. If not nothing.

Not sure what other laws they could break with that picture.

What law would you charge them under?

What law did they break? I’ve given two things that should be investigated. See if they are restricted from owning and posessing fire arms, and see if they damaged the sign.

What other law would you suggest to look at to see if they violated?

How about terrorizing the public?

With a picture?

How are they terrorizing the public?

Is any picture with people holding guns “terrorizing the public”?