After over two years of Trump as president things are going pretty well

I can’t think of anything going that badly. Economy booming, and strong foreign policy. Other than the media embarrassing themselves for two years. Heck even that is actually a good thing in that it exposed the media blatant partisanship… Dems in the house showing no leadership and lots of Trump insanity is good for his re-election. Trump could have been tougher on Maduro, but he’s not big on military intervention, so… Let me know it you can think of something going wrong.


Record number of bankruptcies of small businesses due to trump tariffs…

Real unemployment still over 40%…

North korea spitting in trumps face and trump thanking him for it…

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That’s the kind of post you get when you only listen to Republican media.

They don’t talk about bankruptcies for farmers and indictments and paying off porn stars.

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trillion dollar deficits are not a problem anymore?


How’s the deficit and debt?

Where did you hear about the bankruptcies? I missed that story got a link?

Trillion dollar deficit.

Just as predicted for decades… Not great, but not Trumps fault. Be worse without tariffs on China…

We all know whats driving the debt… What the dems solution?

What do tariff have to do with deficits?

20 billion dollar bailout.

They are taxes we collect and thus lower the deficit… Obviously.

So trump increased taxes on Americans?

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No, on China. It’s hard to say whether they will pass it on or not…

Vote Trump and the Repubs out of office.


That would make it worse…

Traifffs are paid by Americans not the Chinese

Make American not going all that badly again.


for the thousand timess who pays the tariffs?

Its like asking Trump supporters if they read the Mueller report.

You’ll get the same canned answer that the CEC stated, nothing more, nothing less.