After declaring a National Emergency, Trump goes to Florida to golf?


Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.


It’s always nice when there’s a trail for all to see.


I wouldn’t have labeled what I said to all, a personal attack against any individual. I disagree with the political mindset and referred all complaining to each other as a “lib fest”.


Ah, so it’s okay to make personal attacks as long as you direct the attacks against large groups of people?

That doesn’t make any sense.


Add to that not everyone involved in the conversation is even liberal. There are conservatives such as @NebraskaFootball and myself in the discussion as well.


Calling everyone a name is better than calling one person a name? Amazing.


Are you ok, man?


Guys…it’s best of you understand that a whole bunch of people simply do not require the facts to line up with what they believe…they simply believe what they believe.

I was online in another forum debating with a Trump supporter of the wall. This person summed it up succintly…facts didn’t matter to her. She simply “wanted a wall…the higher, the better”.

She actually said this.

Most people want what they want. They believe what they believe.

To the degree they go hunting for any facts…it is to confirm what they already believe. It is never to put what they believe to the test.

Hardly anyone knows the proper application of the scientific method is to design an experiment or test whereby the hypothesis one has may be falsified


So the word “lib” is off limits IYLO?


So Trump declares a national emergency over illegals crossing the border and then immediately travels to his golf course what was largely staffed by illegals.

Ah, sweet irony.


Guy, both you and I know exactly how and why you used that term… and it definitely wasn’t meant to debate anything. If you don’t like what is being discussed here, go start your own thread.


He’s been reduced to playing simulated golf the last couple of months. Give the guy a break. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The most educational thing for me during this period is realizing how few conservatives there really are. Most people are just republicans.


Trump: Oh crap a hook…I am declaring a national emergency…er … ah…a mulligan



My job actually forces me to constantly re-evaluate what works and what does not work and what’s true and what’s false. I guess a lot of people aren’t in similar careers and those thought processes certainly doesn’t bleed into their personal life, decision making or self reflection.

I guess it’s easier that way. I would assume it doesn’t take much thought.


That’s what I never got. It’s not to call one person out for their specific observed behavior.

But it’s perfectly okay to be nasty to an entire group of people for the behavior?

Doesn’t make sense.


Thanks to the usual help of Fox News.


Don’t underestimate how many times this phenomenon occurs even in fields such as yours. It is a basic human condition…our emotions rule our rationality, not the reverse.

That’s why it’s not just hard…it is REALLY REALLY hard…to allow a belief you hold to be falsified.

I work in pharma. A classic example of this thinking in action? All the billions of dollars that has been wasted in Alzheimer’s research because people have been wedded to a disease model (amyloid plaques in the brain cause Alzheimer’s) that the evidence was screaming out was actually quite doubtful. But it was the belief the industry had, and we had testable models we could use…so we kept hammering away at the disease using that model. Also…we took a correlation…brains of Alzheimer’s patients had amyloid buildup…and turned it into a causation…amyloid buildup is a causal factor in Alzheimer’s. Now we’re finding amyloid buildup in the brains of older individuals who maintained excellent cognitive functions into their 90s. So maybe…just maybe…amyloid plaques build up as one ages…period.

And now we also find out (see a post I made in Outside the Beltway a couple days ago) there is growing evidence that the bacterium that causes gingivitis is a large causal factor in Alzheimers…so it may be the best way to avoid Alzheimer’s in the future is to practice good oral hygiene!

We all…every one of us…believe things first, and go searching for only confirming evidence as a general rule. Some DO do this more than others, this is true, but we are all vulnerable to thos.

The instant we think we’re immune to that is when we’re usually caught out in something that makes us look foolish.


Biggestal99 is a liberal. Biggestal99 made a mistake. Therefore all liberals made a mistake.




I think the word you want is humiliating.