After 8 years, I can't even say goodbye without my post being deleted?

Let’s try this again. I have no clue what I said that was so offensive. I would hope that my goodbye be allowed to stand. This site is getting worse than twitter. This is another reason I am leaving. What can they do? Ban me? :roll_eyes: Go ahead. Make my day. Lighten up mods.

I have been a member of this forum for many years. I originally joined because I wanted an outlet to discuss politics, the news and other events. This has become nearly impossible to do here. You know the story. A topic is started and usually within three or four comments we are no longer discussing the topic and are discussing the short comings and character flaws of or fellow members. Thinly veiled insults disguised as commentary are the norm. This bores me. The one thing I cannot tolerate is boring discussions. As everybody knows, I don’t start personal idiocy, but I have been suspended for responding to it. So I guess this is a as good a time as ever to walk away. I may come back from time to time, or maybe not. Maybe I’ll come back to gloat a little after the president is re-elected. Who knows. But my days as a regular poster are over.

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