After 17 years and 3561 (2419 American) Killed, Trump openly negoating with Terrorists

Trump admin has been working be hide the scenes to work out a peace deal with a bunch of terrorists.

DOHA – U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has described the latest round of U.S.-Taliban peace talks as the “most productive” ever, telling RFE/RL that “a lot of progress” has been made.

Khalilzad made the remarks in an interview with RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan on July 7 at the conclusion of the first day of an intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar.

The two-day intra-Afghan dialogue marks the first time Afghan government officials have met for face-to-face talks with Taliban representatives – although the Kabul officials traveled to the Doha gathering in a personal rather than official capacity.


I would take that over the 10 million dead plan. Maybe that’s why trump mentioned it, to make negotiating look better.

For all those Republican supporters who criticised and condemned B Obama when he entered into negotiations with countries like Iran will they be equally as critical towards D Trump?

Got a better idea?

The talks have been going on since 2011.

And we’re waiting to if you guys condemn this like you did with Obama and Iran.

As I stated to you in the other thread, the Afghan Taliban are not a designated foreign terrorist organization. What are the requirements placed on the Taliban in the negotiated cease-fire agreement?

Foreign terrorist organizations

I guess the US could just quit and go home like the Canadians.

You’re right OP…it’s time to decide…drop the bomb or negotiate? I’ll put you down for the bomb.

The Taliban are not the same thing as Al-Qaeda.

No, that is preposterous.

Obama is the worst individual alive today.
Trump is a hero and an idol.

This was inevitable.

It sucks because so many Americans and NATO troops lost their lives.

But this was the eventual outcome. We can’t stay there forever and the Taliban is always going to exist. Better to negotiate and perhaps they’ll transform into a political party without an armed wing.


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This US should have left 10 years ago.

Stalin terrorized ten of millions in the Soviet Union and in the countries that he conquered while allied to the Nazis. Yet the US sent his regime billions of dollars in aid in order to defeat Hitler.

Sometimes it is necessary to choose the lesser of evils.

16 years ago.

LOL I see what you did there. :rofl:

I am…

It’s refreshing to see partisan politics shining.
Obama talking to terrorists is the reason for treason.
Trump talking to terrorists is not only acceptable, but worthy of a spot on Mt Rushmore

Flying billions of dollars in cash to Iran in order circumvent US banking laws is not just discussions.