Afghan evacuee charged with rape in Montana

There, now we can all get back on topic.


I didn’t realize Montana was that heavily populated with goats.


Maybe such behavior is simply part of their culture?

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Whose his base and why would they want a woman raped.


Lol now you know.


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There is a good speech by a politician in Poland were he said the majority of the west was ignorant based on being blessed by geography. That they were not interested in making sweeping changes to their laws and population. When they could see how their world can go to a hell in a second and everything they knew yesterday was gone tomorrow when they went from a free country to the jackboots of fascism and then straight to the sickle of communism.

Their message was quit trying to mess with their immigration laws. They already had their country ■■■■■■ up multiple times if the west wanted to do it to themselves go ahead they aren’t participating.


I’m not in their heads. I don’t know if they want women raped. For all I know as long as he’s doing what they want anything is an acceptable consequence.

try to let trump go. he’s not president anymore

the more i learn about poland the more i like them


Shouldn’t the American people be respectful and accommodative to the various cultures which are coming to America?

You think.

Civilized people (yes including republicans) don’t want to subject a human being to rape.


Though he’s going to try to be again…So it makes him relevant.

no it doesnt

and it’s three years away, and he wont

keep working on it