Affidavit: 12-year-old Iowa boy points gun at teacher, pulls trigger

This town is just like Chicago. Population of 6,162.

I guess this is one time when a young kid not knowing how to use a gun or not taking a gun class paid off. Or maybe he did but just didn’t listen.

Chicago has several million people and a hundred different kinds of neighborhoods. How are they even remotely similar?

That place is just like Chicago. Twelve year old taking a gun to school and pulling the trigger. Just think if they had the same population.

Are you advocating the arming of teachers in Chicago?

So what additional gun laws would prevent this from happening? I can guarantee this kid didn’t acquire the gun through legal means.

Chicago kids would not have been so dumb.

There are no laws that will work. Middle schoolers will continue to shoot others.

I’m happy for the best possible outcome in such a heinous situation. Good for the teacher. You have to wonder if whether or not, metal detectors should be placed at every school entrance?

definitely in preschool and kindergarten.

“Just like Chicago”?

How utterly dishonest.

How many gang shootings in this town last year?

This why we need to arm more middle schoolers. If another 11 or 12 year old had a gun this near tragedy could have been prevented.

NRA/gunutter logic.

Produce even one single quote from the NRA suggesting we arm anyone in the K-12 grades or admit you simply made it up to denigrate the organization.

I don’t know of a single NRA member that would be in favor of that. But thanks for playing…

If we wait long enough they will.

The NRA’s unflinching response to gun violence is arming more and more people,

Your circle of NRA members is too small.


Thank goodness guns in schools are illegal.

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Do you think anyone with even a functioning brain stem buys your fantasies as fact?

Baseless BS like this will never pass for a sound argument.

I’ve never seen a time when your defense of shooting incident wasn’t arming more people.

it’s pretty much the company line. technically, they need everyone armed and facing the shooters to make a real difference (or the crazies will just move to a new place or shoot people in the back). of course the added accidents will probably nullify any gains.

it’s an unsolvable problem.