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Seems the solution to the forum side would then be to exclude the un-categorized threads from being displayed in the “Latest” feed. That way, users can still view every new forum post simultaneously (which is a very superior feature not seen in most board software).

It would be nice if the OP actually stuck around to discuss their post. Instead, they post once and move on. It’s like they want to talk at us but not have any debate. Is this a talk radio forum now?

i’m really good at ignoring threads if i want. i’m not gonna post in any of them ever. if you ever see me in one slap me.

That would be nice

I’m just really curious now. How many new posters will actually participate in the forums, instead of just making a single comment in an article.

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Well, you can avoid them by mostly participating in currently-active threads. Since most of the host’s threads have no posts, they sink to the bottom. Unfortunately, they are being replaced every couple of minutes by a new one (Tribbles). The need for volume “trumps” the need for accuracy or relevance. Some of those articles are old. You may run into an issue if you try to start a new thread. It will get buried quickly if you don’t continue to bump it.

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Well, I figured out why the bot is double posting. Some articles are just posted twice in different sections of the main site. Here’s two topics, and their corresponding articles:

Topic: SEAN’S TAKE: Media Bias and Apologies | Sean Hannity
Article for it:

Topic: SEAN’S TAKE: Media Bias and Apologies | Sean Hannity
Article for it:

Same one but with broken title: plchldr-mantle-mobile
Article for it:

You guys have someone new working for you?

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Surely it’s just going through the index and will plateau once it’s gotten all of the existing articles and will then post threads as articles are posted on the main site.

I was just thinking that may be the case. Great minds and all, Ipanemiam Girl. Maybe they just want to get them all loaded onto the forum.

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Ah so the administrator is a bot.

Well I feel foolish for asking it a bunch of questions in different threads.

Meanwhile I feel s little silly that in the past, when searching for an interesting thread topic I have searched GoogleNews, Drudge, Freep etc…

Sean has had a gold mine of good stuff all along and I never gave it much of a look.

Eh. You may want to do a deeper dive.

I tried. Unfortunately Sean’s archive of articles (the stuff that is being botted onto the discussion section) is not easily browsed by phone.

While I share the feeling that “the board is being spammed” I have been enjoying a lot of the stuff I’m reading as a result. :smile:

The headlines often don’t match the links – at all.

I’m enjoying seeing how the breathless, all caps, fainting couch so-called articles from the past have proven to be giant nothing burgers.

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Hopefully it settles down, I lurked the old forums and grew to really love all the personalities there and now here…trumpers, cons and libs alike…

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I think a lib must have hacked the site.

must be something they want to bury.

:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

nervous laughter. I’m onto something.

you got the tator. it’s a lib botting the site and not the staff. the lib is so powerful that the staff can’t stop him they can only hope to contain him.

or her
10 10

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