Administration's statement: Americans are not concerned about the debt limit

From the linked article:

"I’m not sure what American person is saying that or is concerned about the debt limit, but maybe there is somebody you’ve met on the street, I don’t know," Psaki said.

Typical lib. :man_shrugging:

Americans aren’t concerned about the debt limit and the GOP is only concerned with it when they are out of power.


Why should anyone be concerned by the “debt limit”?

It’s an arbitrary number disconnected from any reality.


True, in a sense. It doesn’t reflect the actual national debt, further compounded by unfunded liabilities.

It’s been several presidents since anyone really acted concerned about it.

Spin Psaki is the most dishonest Press Secretary of my life time.

She wasn’t so bad starting out but is terrible now.

I am pretty sure they have an entirely different view of inflation. Can’t wait for midterms.

If there is an inflationary spiral then the GOP controlled spending in 2020 is just as much at fault as the 2021 stimulus.

But I know that that doesn’t matter.

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Sure, now do the math and apportion blame accordingly. Still sucks to be a Democrat.

I agree. Both sides of the aisle are guilty as hell.

Years ago, I pushed a pencil and concluded when our debt hits 26 trillion and interest rates are 4%, “we” will not be able to service the debt. We’re way past that now and interest rates must rise. That said, I do not like that sign post up ahead. We’re headed into the Twilight Zone.

She’s doing the job “at the pleasure of the President”.

Eventually even her soul and conscience will get the better of her, and she’ll step aside.

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My conscience wouldn’t let me do what she is doing.

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All spending is a part of it, yes. And all administrations in our lifetime have a hand in the national debt.

I did everything I could, always chose the one at least saying they would cut spending.

You’re taking a lot for granted. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Well at least we know libs believe in souls now. What else is being born into the wrong body if not a soul?

Guvnah is a lib? I’m telling the conservative corner on him. :rofl:
j/k Guv…I know you better than that. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I wasn’t saying guv was, might want to slow down on those booze emoji’s. :slight_smile:

It’s all about the :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my friend.