Admin guts WMD detection and prevention programs

I tried to give the Trump administration the benefit of the doubt, mistakenly thinking he/they couldn’t possibly be as reckless as the following article paints them as. I think I was wrong, they can be that reckless.

Coupla paragraphs from the rather long article.

More than 30 current and former Homeland Security employees and contractors voiced concern that the changes - including the cancellation of dozens of training exercises and the departure of scores of scientists and policy experts - have put Americans at greater risk.

“What we had done in the past was analytically based: Where are the threats? Where can we get the most return on the taxpayers’ investment for security?” said Paul Ryan, who until mid-2017 helped lead Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, which was merged with another office last year.

“We’re not as secure as we were 18 months ago,” said Ryan, a retired Navy rear admiral.

Donald ended the nuclear threat from North Korea. We’re safe as kittens.

How convent you left this out at very bottom of your article.

According to congressional budget experts, $162.2 million - about 40% of the money Congress appropriated last year for his office - went unspent. The unspent funds reflect indecision surrounding the shifted priorities and staff departures, current and former Homeland Security officials said.

Trumpies dont care

Ahem. I am not allowed to quote entire articles without permission from the author. You should know this. I picked a couple of paragraphs. Also, INDECISION is a hallmark of this administration and it doesn’t help him/them at all, and staff departures is a ■■■■■■■ disaster for this administration.


You think that part somehow makes this all better? “indecision, shifted priorities and staff departures.” Sounds just great.

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Sounds like you’re making excuses for evolving threats.

The fact remain, 162 millions dollars was left unspent.

Why? Because the current administration is incompetent that’s why. It’s inexcusable and the ramifications could be catastrophic. Think 9-11 all over again or worse.

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You don’t think the threat assessment is forever changing?

Trust that things are going well behind the scenes…

$162 M left unspent.

So naturally one should just gut the programs without any security review/threat assessment.

Of course it is, and Homeland Security et. al. is apparently doing a terrible job keeping up.

Terrible job? How do you know? Have we been attacked?

Maybe we should allow them too spend that money on Vegas convention.


Dude, you’ve got no game. Give it up.

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Read the article. That we have not been attacked doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Well then…guess we can just take those guns away huh…using that amazing logic

Come and get em.

That article is a pretty damning report on how one agency, focussed on “keeping us safe”, is in shamble, and they seem to be pulling back in multiple ways in technology, equipment, and expertise in that mission.

“Keep us safe”. Used to be a conservative chant.

Can’t blame an enabler to skim through without reading to cherry pick one sentence to try and fix it.