Addressing the elephant in the womb


When was the choice for an abortion or when to become pregnant (and when not to) made?

For me, it was when I was ten years old. I realized I could not kill a life, and I realized I could not give a baby up for adoption. That being the options, then every other choice I made throughout my teens and twenties was built on that choice. So don’t say others don’t have equal choices–that I had one, but others do not. I have a feeling most people, like me, made that choice long before they became pregnant. And, having already made that choice, other decisions were built onto it.

The choice to face is: Am I okay with killing/ending a life, or am I not? I was not. That means the choice can be, “Yeah, I’d be okay with killing/ending a life,” and based on that choice, other choices are made.


That is probably too broad a generalization. It is an attitude towards sex. Is sex sacred, or is it simply recreational? What responsibilities are accepted when one engages in sex? A child may be conceived. What then?


“Sacred”? No.


That is for everyone to decide for themselves.


Yes, but to what point? Whether one should be able to choose whether to kill/end a life that resulted in what was considered a recreational activity has deeper ramifications.


You are free to feel that way and I am free to feel differently


There is no accepted definition of life by which a human fetus is not a living human being up to the moment of it’s death.


Well that certainly isn’t true in most cases except with perhaps Catholics.

There’s certainly zero evidence to support the claim.


Ask any woman about her pregnancy and they’ll say something like “the baby’s fine”.

You’ll never hear anyone grieving over the loss of a child say something along the lines of “no big deal the fetus just died”.

By any accepted definition of live the human fetus is a “human being”.


Which doesn’t change the fact that if the woman doesn’t want it inhabiting her body she has every right to have it removed even if this results in its death


There is no such right unless the baby is a direct threat to the life of the mother.

That is nothing but a pure fabrication.


Nope its the woman’s body.


Nothing in our constitution justifies the killing of a healthy baby except in self defense.

Barking out the same lame failed talking points doesn’t help your case any.


Its just plain simple reality, you have no right to force a woman to remain pregnant against her will.


Show us that in the constitution.


9th… Now show me yours.


It isn’t there.


I know you don’t want it to be but it is, now show me yours.


You’re making the claim, back it up.


The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

Now you tell me where in the constitution it allows you to tell my sister what to do with her body.