Addressing the elephant in the womb



Goodness gracious, I don’t see why this is so difficult for you to understand. On the other hand, it is true I’ve probably thought it through longer. I start out with Government being legitimately in charge of trade. Let’s use cigarettes and liquor as two examples. The government regulates how cigarettes and liquor may be advertised. The prohibit advertising on TV and permit them only in adult magazines because they rightly recognize such ads are not appropriate for the general population as a whole. However…liquor and cigarettes and ads announcing their presence are seen in stores, correct?

Take this into abortion where government cannot take a stand. Does government allow the advertisement of prostitution, sex toys, suicide methods or anything else that would cause harm to anyone? No. So why would Government make an exception for abortion except to push abortion?

Note, sex toys, prostitution, etc. are advertised in adult stores, places where adults frequent, Internet, etc. As such, people can still pursue information on the Internet, correct? At a doctor or hospital, they can still see or request information on services offered, right? They same might be true of adult magazines the government allows to advertise cigarettes, liquor, sex toys, etc. I really don’t have a position on that.

Does this answer your question?


Then you would not hesitate to tell her that?


Constitutionally, no it doesn’t. No more than leaving my door unlocked precludes my self-determination to use lethal force against someone in my house against my will.

It’s dishonest to reduce the issue to a mere inconvenience.

Absolutely, we should take a second look. Let’s offer incentivized LARCs (long-acting reversible contraception). Let’s commit to research on male contraception like vasalgel and get it on the market ASAP. Let’s do everything we can to bring the number of unwanted pregnancies as close to zero as we can.


And why should we do this? Because once begun, human life deserves our protection. If that will be true, then it should be true now.


Why should we try and improve and make more widespread effective contraception? That seems rather obvious.

It’s more complicated than that.


Hmmm, your examples are products that have strict age restrictions. So it makes sense that alcohol is not being advertised next to Blues Clues.

Abortion, less so.

Prostitution is not advertised anywhere because it is illegal. I have seen plenty of ads for sex toys. Suicide is also illegal so no ads.

(Las Vegas has plenty of advertising for prostitutes, btw)

Because a small govt conservative would recognize there is no age restriction on abortion like there is for alcohol and would not want to empower the govt.

In reading your reply, you seem to be for advertising restrictions on abortion but not outright bans. Ok.

Yes and thank you. Now on to the same question as it pertains to insurance coverage…


Why would I tell her when she has told me that?


Or, as I stated earlier, we recognize that an abortion costs more, and has more risks associated with it than contraception.


Sex is vital to physical and mental health. That someone should not partake in modern medicine to protect them from pregnancy is simply religious idealism. You are trying to force your religion into people via government.


No. It doesn’t. Imagine the strain on society if we had 30%+ more people right now.




So…to you…it IS about controlling women’s bodies…nothing about men keeping their pants zipped, eh?


So…you are actively promoting that women who plan on having abortions be charged with 1st degree murder?


You’re STILL thinking about this thread, after two weeks? Wow.


Sounds like you had the choice…yet don’t want others to have what you had.


And…is there a problem with that?


Scratch the surface on an anti-choice person and you find out they are also anti-contraception.


If I thought there was a building where they were killing babies every single day, I doubt I’d merely be on a message board discussing it. But that’s just me.


Murdering babies is only important for 1 week


What in the world…being pro choice doesnt mean people want to argue with people they know who lost a child